weekend of December 17 & 18, ’16

This is our final weekend of live shows for 2016.  Christmas and New Year weekends will be ‘Best of’ programming.

You’ll hear from a member of the federal government of Switzerland on their referendum process which permits Swiss citizens several times annually to overrule their elected governments, or instruct their governments on actions to take.  Dr. Kellie Leitch as part of her CPC leadership campaign is suggesting a Swiss-style referendum system which has some in Canada complaining it’s not a valid option for this country.
In practice, any Canadian might challenge the PM’s carbon tax and if enough Canadian citizens agreed (in Switzerland it’s 100,000) then the question would appear on the next regularly scheduled referendum ballot and if a majority of voters decided to support no carbon tax the government would have no option but to follow the demand of voters.

Former federal Minister of Finance Joe Oliver will share his thoughts on the carbon taxes of the federal and Alberta governments, as well as the cap and trade system Ontario’s Liberal government has going into effect January 1.  Former Northern Ireland Minister of Finance and Minister of the Environment, Sammy Wilson, told us on air cap and trade is a “job destroyer.”

The former executive officer to US General David Petraeus will provide his assessment of the tragedy which is Aleppo and the Syrian people suffering through the brutal civil war which has cost hundreds of thousands of lives.

Mainstream media.  Deserving of the frustration and anger being directed their way, particularly in the U.S. following the presidential election campaign.  Media ethics professor Jane Kirtley of the University of Minnesota will be my guest.

And on the election, Monday is the day the Electoral College voters cast their final ballots on who succeeds Barack Obama as POTUS.  Electors are being cajoled, begged and threatened to not vote for Donald Trump.  We’ll speak to an elector who has received death threats and his message to those threatening him is, it won’t work. He is committed to voting for Donald Trump.  I’ll ask you for your final assessment of the election of DT as POTUS.  Still feel good about it?  And who do you think you’d prefer as Canada’s next PM?  More of Justin Trudeau, or someone (who?) else?

We’ll be joined by Canadians who were unable to obtain cancer treatment they wanted and believed was to their ultimate health benefit here and so left Canada to obtain those treatments in Germany and Mexico.  And how are they doing?  What is their message?  You’ll hear that, along with the German surgeon who conducted pancreatic cancer nanoknife surgery for Canadian patients.  If you have an unsatisfactory experience obtaining healthcare treatment in this country and perhaps have opted to seek treatment elsewhere, how did that turn out for you?  We’ll open the phone lines.

And since it’s the final live broadcast of the year, our Beauties and the Beast half hour with Catherine Swift, Linda Leatherdale and Michelle Simson will be about the news events of the last 12 months which made the greatest impression.

Hope you’ll join us …and the call-in number is 800.263.2428