Now women firefighters add their voices of complaint about male colleague sexual harassment and worse

Today two women firefighters, Liane Tessier of Halifax and Jamie Wilson of Toronto will join Atoya Montague, RCMP civilian employee who shared with us recently details of her court case against male colleagues and told us the RCMP is attempting to fire her. This is the first time the three women have appeared together on broadcast media to speak to what they will tell us they endured.

POTUS Donald Trump.  Were that to be the case which unfolds November 8, would Mr. Trump and his America First agenda put Canada’s economy in harm’s way? Or is it bluster?  Is our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau up to the task to confront Donald Trump on economic and other issues?  A question I asked on Twitter this week (@theroygreenshow).
The PM also, argues a Fraser Institute report, needs to get behind the building of oil pipelines. Many billions of dollars annually could be at stake.  I’ll speak with Kenneth P Green, Senior Director of Natural Resource at the Fraser Institute and co-author of the report.

Gloria Allred, famed U.S. women’s rights lawyer joins me.  Ms. Allred is a delegate for Hillary Clinton at the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia.  And she has battled Donald Trump in a very public lawsuit involving the Miss Universe/Miss Canada beauty pageants. Jenna Talackova was initially removed from the pageants because she is transgender.

There’s more … including a story of a B.C. family court judge who removed himself from a case (do you have a family court experience to share?)

and I’ll be speaking with brothers Chris and Theo Mushumanski who attended the first concert of the Tragically Hip’s final tour. As we know, Gord Downie, lead singer of the Hip has terminal brain cancer.  A brave man to be doing this tour.  Chris Mushumanski drove more than 1000km to attend the concert.

Old fashion fire fighter helmet

Old fashion fire fighter helmet

And now he’s the Republican Party nominee. Donald J. Trump

Donald Trump completed the first major objective Thursday night.  He became the official nominee for President of the United States (POTUS) for the Republican Party.  Not everyone in the GOP’s traditional wing was particularly happy with the results of the primary season, but it’s Donald Trump representing the Republicans and his opponent will, this week be Hillary Clinton.  Clinton, of course, has her own set of issues and problems, with a majority of Americans telling pollsters they think she should have been criminally indicted, instead of only receiving a tongue lashing from the FBI Director.  Will make for an unpredictable U.S. election.
Saturday, Fran Coombs, managing director of Rasmussen Polling in the U.S. will be back on air with us to assess what is likely to happen going forward to November. Fran has been 100% correct in his predictions so far. We’ll include your calls.

Did comedian Mike Ward deserve a $42,000 penalty from a Human Rights Tribunal over what he has said about a Quebec child singer living with significant disabilities?
We’ll speak with Julius Grey, Mike Ward’s lawyer and constitutional expert.  The constitution does permit freedom of expression (speech), but draws the line on hate speech. Mike Ward’s fellow comedians are outraged over the HRT decision.  Are you?  I’ll ask and explain the story.

Oh…I got into trouble with some friends (again) over what I did at a fast food outlet. I’m insisting I was in the right.  You be the judge.  I’ll explain this one too.

A terror attack in Munich?  That’s what it appears to be as I write this.  Will play back my conversation with Lt. Colonel Steve Day, former Commander of Canada’s national counter terrorism unit Joint Taskforce Two (JTF2) last weekend, after the horrific attack in Nice, France.

And we’ll have Catherine Swift, Linda Leatherdale and Michelle Simson with Beauties and the Beast. Will start with an op-ed piece Catherine wrote for the Financial Post. After that, it’s just high voltage/energy radio.

On Sunday I want to ask you something I ran on Twitter Thursday (@theroygreenshow). What if Donald Trump becomes POTUS and starts to challenge/dismantle NAFTA and push an heavily focused America First agenda.  What happens to Canada and our interests with the U.S.  Have a look at my Twitter account, in fact, follow me on Twitter and become engaged with our Twitter issues.  We’ll talk about this Sunday.

Also Sunday, two women firefighters will add their voices to RCMP women declaring they were victims of sexual harassment/assault and bullying at the hands of male colleagues.  You’ll hear the women firefighters and the RCMP civilian employee making these charges.

and a very unusual experience in family court.  A judge fires himself from a case because he can’t deal with the husband and wife any longer.  There are many experiences in family court in Canada.  I have yet to hear a good one.  We’ll be opening the phone lines.

That and more this weekend. Hope you’ll join us.

The West Wing of the White House, Washington DC, showing fountain and limousines

The West Wing of the White House, Washington DC, showing fountain and limousines


Hear a Republican Party Convention delegate tell me why he is taking his firearm to the Convention in Cleveland

We’ll begin today’s show with Global News reporter Mike Armstrong rejoining me from Nice, France, with developments of the investigation into the mass murder of civilians.  Earlier this morning there were breaking news stories of additional individuals being detained by police.

You heard Marc Scaringi, delegate to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland tell me yesterday why he and other delegates have decided to take their firearms to Cleveland. Ohio is a state which permits open carry and Mr. Scaringi spoke of concerns about personal safety of delegates and others attending the Convention in support of the party’s POTUS nominee-in-waiting Donald Trump.
I’ll be playing back the interview with Marc Scaringi and you can decide about the wisdom of permitting firearms close to the convention (they are prohibited inside the arena),

There is a 1.7 mile event zone around the convention where many devices and objects are prohibited, including water pistols and paintball guns, but real guns are OK, as long as they’re carried by a licenced gun owner.

Also today, Alison Azer returns (  Alison, after telling us last weekend that the federal government is obstructing efforts to have her four Canadian children returned from Iran, where Alison says her estranged husband illegally took the children to, was criticized by the Trudeau government.  Why?  Because she spoke to media.  Like me. This after the PM promised Alison in a face to face meeting that he would do everything possible to have her four Canadian children returned.

Ron Miller returns to the program.  Ron is African American, associate dean at Liberty University where he teaches government.  He is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, author of Sellout: Musings From Uncle Tom’s Porch and his website is  Recently we’ve heard about black fathers having what has been described as “that conversation” with their sons about how to respond to being challenged or stopped by police.  Ron has a 21 year old son. Ron Miller will speak to us about having ‘that conversation’ with his son and then I have a politically incorrect question to ask you.

O Canada. Get ready for more changes to our national anthem.  A friend and I were talking about that earlier in the week, after the MLB all-star game anthem lyrics change fiasco by a member of The Tenors.  What my friend and I were talking about is O Canada changes we’re expecting will be demanded and soon.

Just some of what’s on today’s show.

Join us,

Witness semiautomatic pistol in 38 Super caliber.  It is a high capacity pistol that holds 18 rounds in the magazine. These guns can also be chambered in 9mm, 40 S&W, 10mm and 45 ACP.

Witness semiautomatic pistol in 38 Super caliber. It is a high capacity pistol that holds 18 rounds in the magazine. These guns can also be chambered in 9mm, 40 S&W, 10mm and 45 ACP.