Sunday I speak with a man who spent nearly 40 years in custody and prison for murders for which he has been pardoned. Not enough, he argues. He wants his name completely cleared and as science has advanced DNA testing, evidence appears to support his consistent claim of innocence.

It’s impossible to even imagine what spending most of your life imprisoned must be like.  It’s impossible to imagine what spending most of your life imprisoned must be like if you’re innocent.
Sunday I’ll be speaking with the man who maintains his innocence and for whom nothing short of a complete clearing of his name is acceptable.  He has been pardoned, but DNA evidence now appears to support his position since the first day of his arrest and that is that he is innocent.
I will speak with this man on Sunday.  You will hear his story.  He has many supporters, yet there are those who insist he is guilty of the crimes for which he was convicted.

Also this weekend, the federal government insists it will pass legislation which takes away the opportunity for parole for individuals convicted of specific crimes, like the murder of a police officer.  There are those who argue parole must remain an opportunity, no matter how remote, for anyone convicted of first degree murder.  That we’ve come a long way since the days of the death penalty.  That people change.  Today on Twitter (@theroygreenshow) I reminded about Alan Craig MacDonald.  He murdered a Halifax police officer, was convicted of murder, was paroled and murdered 21 year old Lynda Shaw of Ontario.  For years Lynda Shaw’s murder remained unsolved.  However, as DNA science evolved, MacDonald, who had committed suicide, was found guilty of the murder of Ms. Shaw through DNA from hair he had provided police following her death.
I’ll speak with former crown attorneys Scott Newark and Jeff Manishen about the ‘no parole’ for specific murders law the federal Conservatives are bringing to parliament.  We’ll include your calls.

Emma Paulsen was today sentenced to six months in prison over the deaths of six dogs in her care in British Columbia last year.  Paulsen left the dogs unattended in her truck where they died of heat stroke.  I have no empathy or sympathy for Paulsen.  She had been, according to media reports, warned about leaving dogs she was caring for in her truck as she went about her business.  The dogs had been so desperate and full of panic that the National Post reports a veterinarian said four of the six resorted to ingesting stuffing from the dog bed left in the truck.
Did Emma Paulsen want the dogs dead?  No one believes that.  However, she dumped their bodies in a ditch and then, after declaring them stolen from her truck, participated in a search for the six dogs.
Visit my Facebook page, ‘The Roy Green Show’ and read my post of today about dogs and what they mean to those of us who share our lives with them.  I received an email after I tweeted about Paulsen’s prison sentence.  A line from the email reads “Come on Roy, they’re just dogs.”

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I’ll be away this weekend.

We’ve experienced a challenging week with my wife’s battle with cancer.  Things appear mostly under control now, but I’ll be taking this weekend off.  Thanks to everyone at Corus for being supportive, particularly Gord Harris, executive producer of the show and AM640 Toronto Brand Director.

I understand my friend Charles Adler will be hosting this weekend.  The show couldn’t be in better hands.

I’ll be back the weekend of January 31.

Why the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad should not have been published and more of what you’ll hear on today’s show

Yesterday on air I shared my thoughts on why the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad should not have been published.  Not in 2006 by the Danish newspaper and not by Charlie Hebdo.  There was immediate and much response on air and by email. Because of the interest in the issue I’m going to repeat my thoughts on today’s program.  In the meantime, what I said is posted to my Facebook page (The Roy Green Show).

Also today, high school grads in the U.S. are entering university with a grade 6/7 reading ability and maybe grade 8 skillset in math. That social promotion plan is really working great, eh?
I’ll speak with Professor Sandra Stotsky from the University of Arkansas who is very outspoken about this.  As far as Canada’s high school grads are concerned, how are we doing?  Professor Ken Coates from the University of Saskatchewan joins me and if you’ve head Ken Coates on the show previously, you know he does not pull his punches.
Michael Zwaagstra, Manitoba high school teacher and co-author of What’s Wrong with our Schools and How We can Fix It will join us as well on Michael’s call to get rid of the No Zeros marking policy.

Six police cruisers pulled up outside the home of the parents from Maryland who permitted their children, ages 6 & 10 to walk to the playground unaccompanied by an adult.  The parents are being investigated for neglect. Our Hockey Moms panel will engage on this and we’ll have our honourary U.S. Hockey Mom Lori Levar Pierce join us.  Lori allowed her then 10 year old son to walk to soccer practice unaccompanied (she could almost see the soccer field from her home window).  it didn’t take long before a police officer was issuing a threat of investigation for child neglect to Lori.  What’s your view?  We’ll ask.

My friend, Vancouver lawyer Scott Taylor (valued contributor to the show) believes Dalhousie University should not expel the 12 or 13 male Dental School students who on Facebook wrote to each other about having “hate sex” with female classmates.  I’ve seen some of what they allegedly wrote to each other and I disagree with Scott.  We’ll talk about it on air and include your calls.

Also the university professor who surveyed 86 university-age male students about sexual opinion.  37.1% said they have had intentions to force a woman into sexual intercourse. That should really get your attention.

Join us today on the Corus radio network.