This night in the U.S.

What is happening this night in the U.S.?  Is our southern neighbour engaged in protest against law-enforcement, or is it rioting in the interest of wilful destruction?

Blazing buildings and looted businesses  are thuggish behaviour clearly planned and executed.  Setting fire to a grocery store or looting an electronics outlet isn’t protest, it’s criminal behaviour deserving of direct intervention by the very police legitimate protesters are accusing of systemic racial bias.

Ty Pruitt is Michael Brown’s cousin.  An eloquent, thoughtful young man who makes his case in a reasoned and earnest manner.  Ty Pruitt disagrees with the Ferguson, Missouri grand jury’s decision to not criminally indict officer Darren Wilson, but he also called the arsonists and looters “opportunists” and encouraged police to act to save the businesses.

This past weekend I spoke with prominent U.S. civil rights lawyer Barbara Arnwine. Ms.Arnwine argues passionately and eloquently for change in the relationship between American police and the African American community.  She is strong-willed and determined and identifies solutions.  Exactly the kind of person with whom to confer

I’m not an African American, or African Canadian.  Nor am I a member of a visible minority community, so I cannot speak to the relationship that exists between law enforcement and particularly young black males in the United States. Clearly the relationship is fractured. Just as clearly, it must the repaired. Now.

Perhaps the deaths of Michael Brown and/or Trayvon Martin might provide the motivation for people with an interest in establishing trust to begin the process of dialogue and negotiation.

I understand the visceral reaction for many on both sides might  be to produce a list of grievances of long-standing and write off as impossible the creation of a relationship of understanding and cooperation.  Maybe they’re correct.  If so, more Ferguson’s and fallout of the Ferguson variety will occur; and after this night and what may follow, with greater frequency and destruction.

None of us yet know what the scars the Ferguson, Missouri death of Michael Brown will ultimately leave. Scars both physical and emotional.  Perhaps events will slam shut the door to any opportunity for improvement..

If there is though the will to work toward a better understanding of and willingness to work with police it must begin at the community level and hopefully with a new cast of negotiators.  People whose history with each other isn’t rife only with dispute and conflict and who are willing to engage in negotiation for an improved future.


Is Bill Cosby an unrepentant rapist, or a victim of innuendo?

Famed Los Angeles lawyer Gloria Allred joins me today on the Cosby question, as well as Pennsylvania lawyer Nate Foote. His law firm represented eight victims of child sexual abuse by former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky.
I’ll ask for your views on Cosby as well.  And why do some men, particularly men, send emails protesting that we’re talking about Bill Cosby?

Also today, should Canada follow the lead of Barack Obama and declare amnesty for illegals living in this country?

the feds say $200 million will be dedicated to the mental health issues of military veterans over six years.  It’s public pressure which made this a fact.  Former PPCLI Colonel and former veterans ombudsman Pat Stogran joins me later.

Why is a new men’s centre in Toronto receiving negative reviews from some women’s organizations?  I’ll speak to the director of the new Men’s Centre and lawyer Scott Taylor and take your calls.  Do men require more fairness in Canada, or is that nonsense?

and our three volunteers who committed to doing without social networking for five days (Monday to Friday this past week) will tell us how that went for them.

Some of what’s on today’s show.

Answers for Saskatchewan’s Jennifer Huculak re her almost $1 million medical bill from the U.S. Prominent Canadian insurance lawyer will speak with Jennifer on today’s show.

Jennifer and her husband bought travel health insurance, as so many of us have before heading out on vacation.  We ask questions about what is and isn’t covered and are given assurances, at which point we pay and head off believing expensive emergency medical help, if required, will be paid for.  As Jennifer Huculak found out, that’s not necessarily the case.  She and her husband received a  bill for almost $1 million for medical assistance and hospital stay in the U.S. as their baby was born prematurely.  So why isn’t the insurance company paying?  And why isn’t Blue Cross responding in detail and publicly now to Jennifer’s questions?
Jennifer Huculak will be joined by Toronto insurance lawyer Sivan Tumarkin on today’s

Buffalo, New York! Is the worst weather, or at least the worst results and impact of the devastating weather system which hammered Buffalo with up to seven feet of snow still ahead?  I’ll be speaking with Buffalo residents, Canadian trucking firm (Fluke Transport) owner Ron Foxcroft about how he was required to divert his trucks around Buffalo (more than a 300 mile detour) and Global Television Toronto Chief Meteorologist Anthony Farnell will explain what happened and what’s about to, to Buffalo and its residents. People have already been injured and some have died because of this massive storm system.
If you have family or friends in Buffalo who would be willing to join us on air today please email their contact information to and I’ll get in touch with your friends or family members and see if we can’t book them for today’s program.

In Ferguson, Missouri, there is anxiety as the decision of the Grand Jury on whether to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of teen Michael Brown is expected at any time.  The FBI is warning that whether or not the Grand Jury decides to indict, there will likely be protests across the U.S. and there is concern at least some such protests could include violence.  Two individuals were arrested overnight in Ferguson, suspected of preparing to build and detonate bombs during any protest in the St. Louis suburb.  I’ll be speaking with Barbara Arnwine, one of the top civil rights lawyers (Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights) in the United States, as well as media ethics professor and lawyer (University of Minnesota) Jane Kirtley about media coverage of what is about to occur.

and have you had a negative experience with a call centre?  One located overseas?  Michelle Simson, one of our panelists on our weekly Beauties and the Beast segment just did and MIchelle is steaming. She’ll explain and we’ll open the phone lines.