Today we begin with the Tragically Hip tour in Kingston, Ontario last night.

Last night’s Tragically Hip concert, an iconic Canadian moment which may rank right there with the 1972 call of Paul Henderson’s game and series winning goal as Canada squared off against the Soviets in the Summit on Ice.  On each occasion Canadians were on their feet.  And irony of ironies, both Gord Downie and Paul Henderson are battling brain cancer.
Joe Warmington of Sun Media will join me.  Joe knows all the members of the Hip. Read Joe’s column of yesterday.
Thank you Gord Downie.  For everything you’ve given us, including reminding everyone it’s cool to just be proud of Canada.  You’re a brave man.

From the Olympics in Rio to limo entitlement (for fedgov Ministers), to the continuing battle over restroom access and much, much more….

A busy weekend ahead.  the federal Minister of Health thought it was perfectly OK to run up the tab into the thousands of dollars to be squired around Toronto in a limo owned by a volunteer who worked on her campaign.  That’s until the “oh…oh” moment when the rest of the country found out.
Remember, we have a PM who also billed for expenses Mr. Justin Trudeau was not entitled to expense.  Of course that was a staff error.  Poor staffer.  JT paid up.  Eventually.  We’ll talk to Michelle Simson, one of our Beauties and Beast panelists about Michelle’s experience with member of parliament expense spending.  Imagine….Michelle was harangued, bullied, bribes were attempted and then she was ultimately punished.  Not for cheating the taxpayer.  Nooooo!  Michelle was punished for being honest with taxpayers.  Ya’d laff if it wasn’t so darn sad.

Should Canada’s Chiefs of Police call for internet password access if a judge agrees with a police demand become law?  I say, “yes”/”oui” (both official languages).  I’m in the minority though.  Will be speaking with David Fraser, perhaps Canada’s and certainly one of the world’s premier lawyers on internet privacy on Saturday’s show.  I think David disagrees with me.  I’ll make my case as well as I can ….and then ask you to be the jury.  Imagine this.  Let’s just say police knew that the San Bernardino killers had a massacre planned, but the proof was on their internet connections and in order to get at the information, police would have to be provided the killers pw’s.  No wait….  Isn’t that exactly what happened, although after the mass murders and even then Apple didn’t want to provide the killers pw (and it wasn’t even their phone).
Privacy does not supercede life….does it?

Caster Semenya remains a figure of controversy.  The South African is expected to win the women’s 800 meter Gold Medal in Rio, but the issue of whether she has excessive testosterone in her body remains at least controversial.
I’ll be speaking with a former competitor of Semenya’s who ran against her in the Olympics and World Championships.  This former competitor is one of Caster Semenya’s most prominent supporters now.

The Alberta Minister of Education wrote an open letter to the LGBTQ students in the province’s schools, promising his absolute support if they need it, for among other issues, washroom access based on gender self-identification. Is the Minister side-stepping parents and school authorities?  And joining me from the U.S. will be a representative of the Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF).  WoLF has launched legal action against the U.S. Department of Justice and the Department of Education over access to restrooms based on gender-identification.  WoLF argues “no.”  What do you say and are politicians from the left interfering with parental rights and rsponsibilities?

I did not want to talk about Donald Trump this weekend, but there is just too much Trumpian news (again/as usual).  This time his campaign leader Paul Manafort has stepped aside. Something to do with supporting the Kremlin favoured then leader of Ukraine, without registering as a lobbyist in D.C. Donald Trump’s greatest asset is???  All together now …..”Hillary Clinton.”  If he weren’t running against the woman to whom the truth appears completely foreign (her hubby too), DT would be TOAST.  Instead, he still has a chance to win on November 8, particularly if a certain Julian Assange has a few more Clinton emails to deliver to the world.
I keep receiving emails from Donald Trump and/or his son. Several a week.  I’m very important to the Trump campaign they inform me, followed with “can we count on your $100?”  Oh please….  a guy with a Boeing 757 needs a C-note from me?  Mr. Trump, I’ve been trying to score an interview with you since you first announced your candidacy.  Closest I came was Dr. Ben Carson.  There are 1 million U.S. voters in Canada.  Need ’em?  Let me talk to you on the show!  Need my C-Note?  See above rule.  Nah….not a bribe.  Just a request with an added incentive.

What else….?
I’ll be speaking with one of our excellent crew from Global News in Rio de Janeiro covering Les Jeux Olympiques.  We’ll talk about the feds spending $35 million to de-radicalize radicalized individuals ready to kill their fellow Canadians at the bidding of ISIS/AQ. Scott Newark joins me on this.  In fact, Scott just a year ago wrote a major piece on de-radicalizing the radicalized.

and Sue-Ann Levy has a new book on the market next Tuesday.  Sunday she talks with me and we get an early look at Underdog: Confessions of a Right-Wing, Gay, Jewish Muckraker.  No one in the world of politics is going to be safe from Sue-Ann’s slings if they’ve earned them.  Sue-Ann is one of the very, very best in the journalism business.

Join us for all of the above and mmuch more….

Gold, silver and bronze medals. vector

Gold, silver and bronze medals. vector

The weekend: The video, the terror attack stopped just in time, language, Trump/Clinton, police harassing their own

A weekend of stories which seem to mirror the complicated world we live in.

I will be speaking with former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s brother Doug as we begin Saturday’s program. We’ll talk about the release of the video of the former Mayor which the world was talking about.  Now we know he didn’t say the things attributed to him in that nasty piece of smart phone videography. My enduring image of Rob Ford is not the video, nor is it the many images in which he was the subject of ridicule ultimately. My enduring image of Mayor Ford is the moment he quietly stood in front of cameras and spoke of the return of the cancer which would shortly claim his life.

Language and the use of language was a huge issue last weekend. I promised to return to the story which reportedly resulted in a man in Vancouver who was not speaking English receiving a punch to the head from a stranger who said “you’re talking in an f—–g foreign language.”

It appears Canada dodged a terror assault as RCMP shot and killed a homegrown radical ISIS supporter living on a peace bond.  Scott Newark was a security advisor to the federal and Ontario governments following 9/11.  Scott joins me.

On our Beauties and Beast with Catherine Swift, Linda Leatherdale and Michelle Simson, what lies ahead for Ontario’s already terribly overcharged electricity consumers, because of the inept bungling (being kind) of the Liberal governments of McGuinty and Wynne. This may be an Ontario problem now, but in the long term with the eagerness with which Canada’s politicians are prepared to sacrifice tried and necessary industry, as well as binging our natural resources to a world market which requires them stand by for real pain for the people who do the heavy lifting. Taxpayers.

Do some cursory research on the numbers of elderly poor in the U.K. who are suffering and indeed dying because they cannot afford the high electricity costs inflicted by governments with a bent similar to that of Canada’s current crop of political managers and you’ll be shocked.  I’ve told you about this and shared the stories for some time now.  Already in Canada, in Ontario during the brutal winter of 2014, social service agency workers worried the communities affected were “going to lose somebody” because they couldn’t afford to pay the high prices to heat their homes.  At the same time, wood burning stoves have been banned in most municipalities. Let’s hope there’s no protracted winter power outage, like another ice storm.

Is there a word which describes the U.S. election as a week ends during which Donald Trump mused about what “second amendment people” might do to Hillary Clinton. He said at the polls, her people said it sounded like a death threat.  Clinton continued to be plagued by email scandals, compounding her own difficulties by lying and causing her detractors to wonder just how she avoided a criminal indictment. I’ll have great guests and take your calls.

Is the RCMP  a toxic work environment?  Something we spoken with Mounties women members about over six years now. Listen to Rob Creasser, former Mountie and media director the Mounted Police Professional Association.  Rob Creasser doesn’t deny the charges of sexual harassment and worse taking place when the public’s view is blocked. Rob Creasser points directly at senior managers of the Mounties as being ultimately responsible. Listen in.

There’s more this weekend, but this will give you an idea of what’s on the agenda.