Cosby faces 30 years and a former RCMP officer fired May 20 shares her accusation

Famed Los Angeles civil rights lawyer Gloria Allred joins me today on the fact Bill Cosby faces up to 30 years in prison if he is found guilty of all three counts of aggravated indecent assault. Ms. Allred’s client Judith Huth accuses Bill Cosby of sexual impropriety with her when Judith Huth was only 15 years of age.

There’s no avoiding court for Cosby although I’ve seen quite a few emails over the last year or so supporting him and even some who accept he may be guilty of the charges Cosby is facing have written emails in which the message constantly is “what is gained by imprisoning an old man for 30 years?”  That’s not my view … but it does raise the question of whether prison for an old person is as relevant as for a younger individual convicted of a criminal offence.

Dream Factories is the name of the new book by University of Saskatchewan professor Ken Coates and former professor Bill Morrison.  The Dream Factories are universities and the dream? Well it too often is a complete bust according to the book.
Professor Coates joins me today and we’ll take some calls.  Is your university degree a ticket to prosperity, or essentially worthless as far as creating a pathway to a successful and rewarding career?

Karen Katz was subjected to a “non-consensual medical discharge” from the RCMP on May 20, writes the now former Mountie in an email to me. Karen Katz is certain she was fired from the RCMP because she accuses male officers of sexual harassment and sexual assault.  Karen Katz joins me today.

And on the issue of sexual harassment, bullying shunning and intimidation, Diane Colley-Urquhart, Calgary city councillor, former police commissioner and former human rights tribunal member who is the chair of the City of Calgary standing committee on Police and protective services has very strong views on the above.  She joins me and responds to a male listener’s email in which he suggests women who claim sexism are looking for “special snowflake status.”  His isn’t the only email I’ve received which is not supportive of women who claim sexual harassment. And not all such emails are from men.  We’ll open the phone lines.

And what in the name common sense happened at a school in the U.K.?  I have to share this story with you and ask for your assessment.

That some of what’s on today’s show.

Saying goodbye to Stephen Harper, who was elected to lead a majority federal government is just one issue for today’s show

I don’t think Stephen harper received the proper thanks for his contributions to Canada as our Prime Minister, particularly during the massive economic turmoil of 2008 forward.  I’ll share with you what a British member of the European parliament wrote when he declared the free world had lost is leader, following last October’s federal election. And then the question whether it’s Kevin O’Leary time as CPC leader, particularly since Donald Trump is poised to become POTUS.  If you write Trump off for the White House, then line up with those who wrote him off as GOP nominee.

I’ll be speaking with US pollster John Zogby of Zogby Analytics and from Australia, the CEO of Fred Shebesta joins us to speak to the 9  nation (including Canada) poll of 18,000 to find out who internationally is favoured to become POTUS.  Canadians were out of step with the rest of the world.

Justin Trudeau is lobbying the G7 nations to adopt a policy which would see these countries refuse to pay ransom to terrorist kidnappers who nabbed one of their citizens. Canadian John Ridsdale was murdered by one such group in the Philippines and the same group holds another Canadian, Robert Hall.
T. Lee Humphrey is the Canadian president of James International Security and Mr. Humphrey will share his views.  His company arranges security for international corporations in some of the world’s most dangerous places.

Canadians were shocked to hear of Gord Downie’s terminal brain cancer. The lead singer of the Tragically Hip will nevertheless participate in the band’s Canadian tour this summer.  Paul Henderson, hero of Canada’s ’72 Summit Series against the USSR has been living with very serious cancer for several years and Paul joins me today.  He continues his work with and for cancer patients and their families through his faith and encourages Canadians through his group.  Paul was a great help to my wife and me.

Tracy and Kevin are evacuees from Fort McMurray who lost their home.  They’re back with us today to talk about their lives now and preparations for returning home.

We’ll have Beauties and the Beast with Catherine Swift (, Linda Leatherdale ( and Michelle Simson (@michelleSimson).  One of the issues we’ll get at is the ‘in your face’ verbal criticism of Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and her government by Wild Rose MLA Derek Fildebrandt while the Ontario premier sat in the visitor’s gallery at the Alberta legislature.  It had to do with Ontario’s Liberals profligate and wildly undisciplined spending of many billions of taxpayer dollars (according to the provincial Auditor General).

Busy show …join us and call in.

Gord Downie

So very sorry to know Gord Downie is battling brain cancer. Tragically Hip fans across Canada and around the world are trying to come to terms with the announcement.

Cancer is an evil which has in some way touched almost everyone, whether through personal cancer battles, or having experienced a friend or family member’s challenges with this remorseless illness.

When we lose someone we love, care about or admire to cancer it’s impossible not to ask “what’s taking so long to find a cure for this terrible affliction?” Cancer is a tremendously complex illness which has defied eradication, although some cancers, particularly if discovered early, are curable.

When cancer defies treatment there is an overwhelming mix of emotions for the afflicted and the caregivers.

The Tragically Hip touring

microphone in concert hall

microphone in concert hall

this year will be an emotional experience for the band’s fans. Their music, story-telling, their sharing of Canadian history is exceptional.

Thoughts and prayers to Gord Downie, his family and friends.