If you let your 10 year old son walk to the soccer field a few hundred yards from home should you face threat of police response?

That’s what happened to one of our guests today who joins us from the U.S.  Lori is one of our Hockey Moms (although she’s in Mississippi) and she faced a police officer issuing a threat because Lori allowed her 10 year old son to walk to the soccer field from home, even though she could see him the entire distance.
We’ll be speaking to Lori’s experience, as well as that of Debra Harrell of South Caroline who faces a felony charge for unlawful conduct toward a child for allowing her 9 year old daughter to stay in a park while Mom went to work at McDonald’s.
When you were 9, or 10 years of age, were you attached to your parent(s) by a bungee cord?  It was other parents who called police on Lori and Debra Harrell.

Hockey Moms Michelle Olson, teacher and past president of Home by Choice and Helen Ward, President of Kids First Parents Association of Canada will be sharing their thoughts and we’ll open the phone lines.

Recently retired Canadian Major General Ed Fitch will speak to the Israel-Hamas conflict.  General Fitch, prior to the Vancouver Olympic Games had as his assignment the role of heading a fictitious terror group trying to defeat Canadian security at the Games.

Emma Czornobaj, found guilty of criminal negligence causing death and dangerous driving causing death gave an interview to CBC in which she asked for no prison time.  This is before the judge delivers the sentence next month.  Smart move?  We’ll find out what one of Montreal’s most successful lawyers thinks when Julius Grey joins us.  And what you think of Ms. Czornobaj’s move.  She’s the young woman who stopped her car on a highway to assist ducks which had wandered onto the road.

Gerald Celente, publisher of Trends Journal returns and will be his controversial, say it as he sees it, self.  So many requests for Gerald Celente on the show.

Kim Trehan had her purse stolen at a Vancouver food court.  Only one person tried to help.  The remainder did nothing, except later, when a news report revealed Kim’s purse had cost $5000, did she receive real attention and on social media where Kim was trashed for having such an expensive purse.  Really??  Why would this happen? I’ll talk to Kim Trehan and she will take your calls as well.

Some of what’s on today’s show.



from the Senate and 31 charges against Mike Duffy, to global challenges and the suspension of a television reporter for what he said

all of the above and more on today’s show.

We’ll start things with the Senate and the 31 criminal charges brought against suspended Senator Mike Duffy.  We’ll focus on the impact the RCMP investigation and the federal Auditor General’s audit of Senator expenses is having on the upper chamber.  Long time Conservative Senator Bob Runciman joins me live.  He’s also a former Ontario cabinet minister in the Mike Harris governments.  Bob Runciman does post his expenses online.
Former Liberal MP Michelle Simson (@michellesimson) and Canadian Taxpayer Federation federal director Gregory Thomas (www.taxpayer.ca) will follow Senator Runciman on the show and then I’ll have a question for you to call in on….and it has to do with whether or not you believe it’s appropriate to include prison time for any MP or Senator found guilty of fraudulently claiming expenses.  The option exists for judges, but recently found guilty of defrauding taxpayers Mayor of London, Ontario, Joe Fontana was spared prison time.

I’ll play back for you an interview I recorded with my Corus colleague Richard Cloutier from CJOB in Winnipeg.  Rich spoke to me about RCMP Cpl Ken Barker  who last weekend committed suicide.  Cpl Barker was living with PTSD and was among the first police officers to arrive at the scene of the violent killing of Tim McLean by Vincent Li on the Greyhound bus.  Police were ordered not to enter the bus at the time.  Richard Cloutier went to high school with Cpl Barker and spoke with Cpl Barker’s former wife.

It’s a dangerous world and we’ll speak to that with a panel of four guests with different experiences.  From the Israel-Hamas conflict to the shooting down of the Malaysian Airlines passenger jet over Ukraine, to ISIS violent in Iraq, civil war in Syrla and other global conflict, including concern Al Qaeda may have developed an undetectable bomb to place on airliners.
Joining me will be Col David MacIntyre, 30 years in the US military in airborne and reconnaissance units.  Historian Dr. Yuri Felshtinsky, international corporate security expert T. Lee Humphrey and former Air Canada Captain and Boeing 777 pilot Raymond Hall.

We’ll talk about sentencing for child killers in Canada. Child killers have been in the news from Bernardo, to Michael Rafferty, to the Montreal area father who received a 60 day sentence for killing his 13 year old daughter.
Douglas Garland is charged with second degree murder in the death of 5 year old Nathan O’Brien in Calgary.  Garland is remains presumed innocent, but I want to know where the line is between charging someone with first and second degree murder, also manslaughter.  When it comes to punishment for those who are convicted of murdering Canada’s children I see too much inconsistency.

Evelyn Thompson joins us.  Her five year old daughter Kimberley was abducted, sexually assaulted and murdered.  Kimberley’s killer is walking the streets of Regina (at last word).  Please visit www.Kimmieslaw.ca.

Did a television reporter who spoke about “young black men growing up without fathers” really cross a line he should never have approached?  I’ll speak with two African American guests.  Reverend CL Bryant, producer of the award winning film Runaway Slave Movie and Liberty University associate Dean Ron Miller join me (ronontheright.com)

Calgary lawyers have issues with the police department for the ‘perp walk’ the subjected Douglas Garland to and lawyer Alan Pearse will speak to us about that from Calgary.

Some of what’s on today’s show.

let’s think about the innocents

298 innocents today became victims aboard the Malaysian Airlines jet shot down over Ukraine, immediately adjacent to the Russian border.

There is much conjecture over who is responsible.  Russian-sympathizing Ukrainian separatists supported by Russia’s Emperor-in-Waiting, one Vlad the Impatient, Putin, or Putin himself fuelled by an evident ambition to reconstruct if not the recently and largely unlamented, departed USSR, then the historic Russia ruled by the Czars.

Speculation about who is responsible for the carnage, for the vicious extinguishing of innocent lives, likely including children is difficult to avoid.

In the first hours evidence is sorely lacking, conjecture is available in abundance and theories are espoused and almost simultaneously discarded.

Over the days, weeks and months ahead perhaps, the picture will become more clear.  Even with the most incompetent occupant of the White House since Jimmy Carter residing on Pennsylvania Avenue, the truth will emerge.

Tonight, as you prepare for rest, give some thought to the passengers of the Malaysian Airlines flight, including at least one Canadian I heard earlier was on board.  People probably much like you and me.  People flying for pleasure, for business, for any number of reasons.  People never suspecting that a madman, or a chain of madmen would initiate a series of actions which would see their airliner overtaken by a missile flying in excess of 2000mph (at least that’s the advertised speed) and the flames of their lives extinguished.

Hopefully, tonight, somewhere near the wreckage of the airliner, already picked over by ghoulish scavengers, the person or persons responsible for this barbarous act will at least for a moment rue the destruction for which they are responsible.

Hopefully, if they have children or spouses just like those whom they destroyed earlier this day, they will feel something akin to regret.