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I’ll be away from the program until September 6-7.  Taking a little vacation time.  This weekend (August 30-31) it will be a privilege to hear my good friend and Corus colleague Charles Adler be hosting the show.

Do you have experience with children whose birth parents used drugs which negatively affects these children for life?

Today I’ll be speaking with Janelle Jaksitz about the issue of adopting a child whose birth mother used methamphetamines during pregnancy, thereby negatively impacting the physical development of her baby, whom she gave up for adoption.  Alex’ difficulties have and continue to impact Janelle and her family, including Alex.
Joining Janelle will be her friend Brandy from Edmonton.  Brandy and her husband and children have a child living with them whose birth mother also used drugs during her pregnancy, causing developmental challenges for the child.
We’ll speak more with Janelle (she was with us last weekend) and with Brandy and take your calls.  Perhaps you have an experience with the issue of children whose potential in life is compromised by drug use by the birth mother during pregnancy.

I’ll be speaking with CL Bryant, radio talk show host and producer of the award winning Runaway Slave Movie about the behaviour of President Obama this week at his news conference, mere minutes after which the President proceeded to fist bump his way through a round of golf with buddies after solemnly speaking about the ISIS beheading of American photojournalist Jim Foley.  You’ll find my comment on this web page and I’ll run that by you for on air reaction.

is there an issue with a so-called ‘kill switch” being installed on all smartphones?  My guest, Jake Laperruque of the Center for Democracy and Technology in California says there is and that California legislation on the issue points out the problem very quickly.  As in police having the right in an emergency to shut down mobile phone use in an area in which the emergency is taking place.  Will police decide a situation such as developed in Ferguson, Missouri should result in mobile phones being shut down?

Time change O Canada’s lyrics?  Yes, say supporters of adjusting the anthem’s words from “in all thy sons command” to “in all of us” command.  Senator Nancy Ruth joins me and you say your piece.

There’s an amazing story of the rescue of a young orca off the B.C. coast, while the family of the orca, the pod, stayed by his side until the killer whale was cut free from a fisherman’s net.  I’ll talk to Nicole macKay, co-owner of MacKay Whale Watching.  Nicole and a boat of customers went to the assistance of the orca caught in the net.

And we’ll be joined by William Forstchen, author of Day of Rage, a book in which the professor, military historian and New York Times best selling author suggests how ISIS might choose to attack the U.S. and/or other Western nations.

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The Ebola virus crisis continues to escalate in west Africa; how will the West respond to ISIS? And what to do when police look on as law-breaking takes place and do nothing about it? It’s happened for the second time in weeks in Montreal

Today, I’ll be joined by Peter Schleicher, operations manager for the International Red Cross in Liberia.  How significantly is the Ebola crisis in West Africa growing? The numbers of the known infected and dead are on the increase and so is civil unrest.

Dr. Jay Keystone, tropical diseases specialist will join me to speak about Canada’s level of preparedness for any Ebola cases presenting here.  The federal and provincial governments and hospitals are preparing protocols to deal with Ebola inside our borders.

I’ll be speaking with the lawyer for Thomas Harding, the engineer of the MMA train which rolled into and derailed in Lac Megantic, Quebec last summer, causing the death of 47 people  The TSB released its final report on Lac Megantic this week.  Thomas Harding is charged with 47 counts of criminal negligence.

ISIS is a direct threat to the U.S. and Western democracies according to the U.S. government which, President Obama’s caution notwithstanding, is sending signals it will increasingly attack ISIS from the air. I’ll speak with the former executive officer to General David Petreaus in Iraq.  Colonel Peter Mansoor will share his views on what can and must be done about ISIS.

Also, ISIS reportedly offered the return of photojournalist Jams Foley in return for a ransom of $130 million.  Joining me will be Chris Voss, former lead international hostage negotiator for the FBI and founder of the Black Swan Group.  Does Chris Voss believe negotiation with ISIS would have been possible and how would he have approached such an assignment?

I’ll ask for your thoughts on what should happen to police officers who watch the law being broken and do nothing about it.  That’s what happened in Montreal.  Lawyer Brent Tyler, of Montreal will share his thoughts as well.

And that’s just some of what’s on today’s show.

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