From a sleeper issue, to hackers chasing your smartphone and drones over Paris

It’s a sleeper issue, which, if a case emerges in the proximity of this year’s federal election, could be impactful on the vote.  The issue?  The right to self and family defence as you see fit in your home.  Listen to a few segments we’ve aired in recent weeks since the arrest and charges against 68 year old Michael Woodard who is alleged to have used a legal rifle to shoot an alleged home-invader in the leg.  You’ll find the segments on this site in the podcast section.

The speculation on what the Toronto tunnel is about is as headline-grabbing as the tunnel itself.  Sign of the times is the fear potential terrorist action may, authorities downplaying it notwithstanding, be in play.

Obama vetoes Keystone XL Pipeline.  I was thinking about an exclamation mark to follow the word “pipeline”, but it’s difficult for me to place an exclamation mark beside any word which relates to activities of this U.S. President, except perhaps, ‘golf’!  Is he any good, anyway?  Michael Jordan has said he’d have no difficulty winning a straight-up match against Obama.  Play one on TV for charity Mr. President.  As for Keystone and Obama?  We knew he would veto a major bill passed by Republicans who have majorities in the House and Senate.  That means nothing to this President.

Parisians are concerned.  They’ve witnessed drones flying over tourist attractions and historic sites in the city.  Haven’t been able to catch the drone operators.  That alone should be troubling.

And, hackers may be after your smartphone now. My gut tells me once a hacker threat is publicly identified such attacks have already taken place and perhaps in significant numbers.

I’m taking a few days off and won’t be on air this weekend.

The Castle Doctrine and why Canadians should have it too. Or…?

Today we follow up on the question of the right to self-defence using a legal firearm during a home invasion in Canada. I’ll be speaking with Pennsylvania State Representative Jeff Pyle, who in 2011 was the driving force in getting the Castle Doctrine adopted by law in PA.
Listen in hour 3 and find out what the Castle Doctrine permits and how this differs from Canada where we know individuals who are under direct and violent threat in their homes, on their properties and use a legal firearm to defend themselves are usually criminally charged and face possible prison time longer than their attackers.

We’ll get at the issue child abandonment.  It’s a big issue in Canada at the moment and from Winnipeg, lawyer Bob Sokalski joins me to speak about the case in which a mother was criminally charged with child abandonment for leaving her 6 year old son alone in their locked home, with food and access to television.  On Friday a Manitoba judge dismissed the charge.  She didn’t approve of the mother’s decision, but said it was not a criminal act.  In Toronto the mother of a four year old is also charged after her little son was found wandering on the street this past week in -14 weather. The mother is on bail and not allowed to see her son at present.
Some cases are self-explanatory, other times its appears like state interference in parenting choices.  We’ll talk.

The terror group al-Shabab has issued a threat against the West Edmonton Mall and other Western world shopping centres.  Scott Newark, former security advisor to the federal and Ontario governments joins us to speak to this … and about kids leaving home to join ISIS, like the three teenage girls who left London for Turkey a few days ago.  How concerned are you about terror attack in Canada?

Just some of what you’ll hear on today’s show.