Trump vs Clinton / Clinton vs Trump

Just after 6:30pm ET as I write this.  The countdown is really into minutes now as the fist encounter between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is set to launch. I won’t call it a debate (yet), because this first of the scheduled three face-to-face appeals for the support of America’s voters will I think have to include some serious housecleaning. So much has been issued in the way of insult and invective between the principals and their surrogates that we somehow must address “deplorables” and “crooked Hillary.”

I’m not expecting a great deal of shouting, but I am looking for a test of stamina to develop.

Both Trump and Clinton are shaking hands with their 70th years and while that’s not necessarily an energy-sapping fact, 90 minutes on your feet, in front of TV lights, a live audience, the knowledge more than 100 million of your compatriots are watching and analysing your every word, will be draining.

If I were Trump or Clinton I’d divide this 90 minutes into three 30 minute segments. Start strong, maintain in the middle and ke

2016 US presidential elections map concept isolated on white background

2016 US presidential elections map concept isolated on white background

ep enough in reserve to be sharp into and during the final third.

This will be fascinating theatre.  It won’t win the election for either of them (unless there’s a certifiable disaster moment), but tonight has the potential to turn the remaining weeks leading to November 8 (including two more POTUS debates) into a mad reactive scramble.

So get ready .. let’s watch because, all theatre aside, this is important, for each of us.

Remember, you may listen to the entire debate online on your favourite Corus radio station site.

The Great POTUS debate, hundred$ of thousand$ of dollar$ for moving expen$e$ and just what are Canadian values and why is that controversial?

One live and one ‘best of’ show this weekend.  Saturday is live, Sunday ‘best of’ for the stations not carrying the Hockey World Cup game.

Saturday the 100 million-plus expected to tune in to the broadcast of Trump vs Clinton for POTUS debate. I’ll be speaking with Toby Condliffe, former Democratic Party super delegate and then Saba Ahmed, President, Republican Muslim Coalition and of course taking your calls on who you believe will be better in the Oval Office and why.

Our Corus radio network stations will be carrying the broadcast of the POTUS debate on their online web pages, so tune in there.

Communications and Media professor Paul Levinson of Fordham University will speak to the huge numbers ready to watch Clinton vs Trump.  Paul is also an award winning author, songwriter, singer and producer.

Justin Trudeau this week mentioned Canadian values.  Kellie Leitch has made Canadian values the cornerstone of her campaign to become leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.  Canadian values has also become controversial.  Why is that?  We’ll talk and listen back to my conversation with Dr. Leitch.

There is no money for Mayor Hector MacMillan’s pancreatic IRE Nanoknife surgery available, but more than $200,000 was paid out to G. Butts and K. Telford, two of the PM’s most trusted aides, to offset the cost of their moves from Toronto to Ottawa. That must be quite a carbon tax on gasoline….  Did anyone mention there’s a shorter route from Toronto to Ottawa than the one it appears may have been chosen by the PM’s friends and associates?  Mayor MacMillan will join former Justin Trudeau parliamentary seatmate and former Liberal MP Michelle Simson, Catherine Swift of Working Canadians (.ca) who turned down more than one offer to become a Senator and Linda Leatherdale, former Money editor for the Toronto Sun.

Join us and call in with your thoughts and views.

Team Trudeau’s transparency

Butts and Telford announce they are returning some of the moving expense monies they claimed, apparently “in the interests of living the government’s and Team Trudeau’s values of transparency and accountability.”


Is that your taxpayer paid for private photographer taking pics of you looking important in your taxpayer paid for limousine?

Looking forward to three more years of Team Trudeau values of transparency and accountability.

Vector illustration of Green Dollar Symbol,eps 10

Vector illustration of Green Dollar Symbol,eps 10