Bill Cosby is the only comedian to make me really laugh. Now he’s not funny at all.

Bill Cosby is the only comedian to ever make me really laugh at a live performance.  Today Bill Cosby is anything but funny.

Accusations that America’s Dad is a serial rapist have not only surfaced, or more accurately resurfaced, new complaints are being heard and from women who have no personal knowledge of each other.

Their common denominator is Bill Cosby.

Allegations about Cosby being a serial rapist are not new.  They have mostly lain dormant for years, without criminal charges ever field against the comedian/actor.

The most recent accuser is Joan Tarshis.  She told CBS that Cosby drugged and raped her on two separate occasions in 1969.  Ms. Tarshis didn’t come forward she told an interviewer because she didn’t think anyone would believe her.

Is Bill Cosby a serial abuser?  Scott Simon of National Public Radio more than less asked that question of Cosby directly last weekend.  You’ve likely heard the audio during which Simon’s questions are met with silence.  Simon is reduced to saying “he is shaking his head, no.” (As in, “I won’t answer that question.”)

The time has unquestionably come for Bill Cosby to either publicly face his accusers or be shunned.  In fact, the shunning process may have begun with CBS announcing it is cancelling a planned television series with Cosby.

There is also the case of Andrea Constand who filed a complaint against Bill Cosby in 2004. Instead of battling it out in court, a settlement was reached after her lawyer found 13 women willing to name Cosby as their assaulter.  Part of the settlment stipulated Constand would not discuss her allegations in public.

With Joan Tarshis and former supermodel Janice Dickinson accusing Bill Cosby of drug-rapes the number of women naming him as their attacker is 15.

The women have nothing to gain financially.  The Statute of Limitations has made it impossible for them to initiate lawsuits.

This has nothing to do with right vs left, as some have claimed.  It is not about Bill Cosby being attacked for issuing challenges to African American youth.  It is about Cosby’s alleged personal behaviour toward women.

Unless Bill Cosby emerges from his cone of silence, broken only by his lawyer describing the allegations as “decades-old discredited” claims, public support for the women accusing ”America’s Dad” of planned drug-rapes will likely grow and nothing about Bill Cosby will ever be purely funny or seem honourable again.

It’s up to him.



Stephen Harper stands tall, face-to-face against Putin, while Barack Obama pleaded for time before Putin’s second-in-command in 2012

I’ll start today’s program with this moment, which could prove pivotal not only during the world leaders meetings in Australia, just ending, but also going forward.  The bully Putin who brought his warships to the Australian meetings and projects the tough guy image had a weak comeback to Canada’s PM’s demand “you have to get out of Ukraine.”  “Impossible, we’re not there” was the best Mr. Putin could muster?  Think about that.

Stephen Harper that moment earned instant respect from Putin.

If U.S. president Barack Obama had the commitment of Mr. Harper it’s doubtful Vladimir Putin would be so enthusiastically flexing his military machine which is seriously degraded over what it was in the days of the USSR.

It’s no surprise that Putin brought warships to Australia.  He was measuring the response from the rest of the world and clearly trying to intimidate.  Stephen Harper provided the backbone and challenged Putin head on.  Barack Obama followed later with his own comments, but they lacked force and weren’t the face to face “get out of Ukraine” confrontation a real U.S. Commander in Chief (which Obama likes to call himself) would have mustered.  Ronald Reagan would immediately have countered Putin’s warship game.

Barack Obama lost the respect of Vladimir Putin most likely after the U.S. president’s moment with Putin’s second-in-command Dmitry Medvedev just months prior to the 2012 U.S. general election, when Obama told the Russian “on all these issues, but particularly missile defence, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space.”   Medvedev then says “Yeah, I understand.  I understand your message about space.  Space for you….”.  Obama follows with “This is my last election.  After my election I have more flexibility” and Medvedev ends the exchange with “I understand.  I will transmit this information to Vladimir.”

That conversation was not intended for public consumption, but a microphone caught it.

I suspect there was lots of giggling at the Kremlin when Medvedev delivered Obama’s message to “Vladimir.”

Stephen Harper did what all world leaders at the Australia meetings should have. Confronted Putin face-to-face and eye-to-eye and left no doubt about their message to the Russian boss.

We’ll talk about it on today’s show.  Hour 1.

Ontario court rules in favour of aboriginal family rejecting chemotherapy for a girl known only as J.J. I’ll be speaking with the Chief of the First Nation community Makayla Sault and her family call home. Makayla is 11 and reportedly in critical condition after parents and Makayla earlier this year also rejected chemotherapy at McMaster Children’s Hospital in Hamilton

In addition to speaking with Chief LaForme, I’ll be joined by criminal lawyer David Butt on the court ruling that the 15 year old Nova Scotia girl who attempted suicide and three days later was removed from life support last year after being photographed having sex with another teen while she was being ill, cannot be named any longer.  Everyone knows her name, her parents have been guests on my show several times, but now, because of young offender legisilation, she cannot be publicly named.
Make sense to you?  David Butt is also the legal advisor to the Kids Internet Safety Alliance.

16 year old Rinelle Harper of Winnipeg is home with her family after being viciously assaulted and left for dead in the Assiniboine River.  Two individuals are charged, one is a young offender.  Mike McIntyre of the Winnipeg Free Press and host of Corus radio’s Crime and Punishment show joins me to relate what will happen going forward.

Last weekend I spoke with Toronto criminal lawyer Chris Murphy who wrote a compelling column in the Toronto Star about what advice he would give his daughters (now 4 and 2 years of age) if they were ever sexually assaulted.  What legal advice he would give them.  Mr. Murphy initially would have told them not to report to police (if they knew their assailant), but he’s changed that position.  We’ll have Mr. Murphy back with us because the issue goes beyond what he would tell his daughters and speaks to sexual harassment and assault.  I’ll open the phone lines.  Last weekend we heard from a Winnipeg survivor of sexual assault who told us her daughter’s court case against an alleged attacker was to begin Monday.

Canadians more and more are spending their online time on their smartphones and tablets.  Social networking is #1 activity.  But what would you do if you were arbitrarily shut off from social networking for a week?  It happened.  To a sizeable community of young people.  Listen for the circumstances and the results.  You may be surprised.

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