A fractious world panel, Dr. Bjorn Lomborg on climate change, Scott Newark on crime and the right to interview Omar Khadr and a panel on flying commercially these days

Today with the conflict in Russia-Ukraine, the Israel-Hams crisis, Libya increasingly violent with the U.S. evacuating its Embassy personnel from Tripoli and Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan in the news, we have a panel of to speak to these and other global issues.
Dr. David McIntyre, Homeland security and terrorism expert at Texas A&M University, Dr. Christian Leuprecht from the Royal Military College and Queen’s University and whose specialities include national security, politically motivated violent extremism/terrorism and Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy and former U.S. Navy Lt. Commander join me.

Dr. Bjorn Lomborg (Cool It!) is one of the most listened to, talked about voices on the issue of Global Warming.  Dr. Lomborg joins the show today to speak to what he believes the solution to dealing with Global Warming is … and it isn’t carbon taxes in Dr. Lomborg’s view.

Scott Newark, former Crown Attorney and security advisor to the federal government will take on the new federal legislation which makes it a crime to leave Canada to fight a terrorist action overseas, the call by some in media for the right to interview Omar Khadr and is the national crime rate really significantly lower?

And we’ll deal with any concern among the flying public about safety in flying these days with the downing of airliners and the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370.
Janice is a 40 year flight attendant,  Captain Raymond Hall is a former Air Canada pilot and Chris Voss is a former FBI special agent and lead FBI hostage negotiator.  They all join me and we’ll take your calls.

Today I speak with Dr. Mustafa Barghouti of the Palestinian National Initiative, live from Gaza

Dr. Mustafa Barghouti is the founder of and Secretary General of the Palestinian National Initiative.  Dr. Barghouti will be joining me live from Gaza at the beginning of Hour 1 of today’s program.  Dr. Barghouti ran for the Presidency of Palestinian Authority in 2005.

If you’re unable to hear Hour 1 of the show on your Corus radio network station, listen online at www.AM640.com in Toronto, or any of our other stations carrying Hour 1 along the network on their ‘listen live’ online option.

Also joining us from Gaza in Hour 1 will be Christopher Gunness, spokesperson for UNRWA, United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine refugees.(unrwa.org).

I will air interviews with guests who provide differing perspectives on the conflict between Israel and Hamas and the impact this conflict is having.

Last weekend I spoke with recently retired Canadian Major General Ed Fitch who strongly supports Israel’s position and actions.  Prior to that we spoke with the Washington bureau chief for Al Jazeera, Abderrahim Foukara and a Canadian-Israeli student who is also a member of the Israel Defence Force reserves.

Also today, a report requested by Toronto Chief of Police into the police shooting death of 18 year old Sammy Yatim of Toronto calls on police to have greater skills in dealing with persons under emotional stress and/or perhaps living with mental health issues.  Toronto criminal lawyer David Butt joins me (as he does frequently on criminal law issues) to speak to what the report further calls for.

The U.K. will be holding an inquiry into the death of former KGB officer Alexander Litvinenko in London.  He died of radiation poisoning after having tea at a restaurant with two Russian men, one also a former KGB officer.  The British government wants to determine with the Russian government was involved in the death of Litvinenko.
Alexander Litvinenko and Dr. Yuri Felshtinsky are co-authors of the controversial and banned in Russia book “Blowing Up Russia.”  Dr. Felshtinsky will speak to us today about the British inquiry and what’s going on on the border of Ukraine and Russia.  Dr. Felshtinsky has spoken to us on several occasions over the past months and states his view that Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s intent is to annex Ukraine and other former republics within the former USSR.

The issue of radicalizing of Canadian youth to Islamist causes, which then cause these young men, generally, to decide to head overseas to fight in conflicts such as the one in Syria is what I’ll speak with Imam Robert Mohamed Heft about.  Imam Heft is the founder of the Paradise Forever Centre in Toronto.

We’ll talk to Albertan Cindy Nichol, adoptive mother of 18 month old Christopher from the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Unfortunately, foot-dragging by Citizenship and Immigration Canada officials is denying Ms. Nichol and her family from being united with Christopher in Canada, as the federal government refuses to issue an entry visa for Christopher although it appears there is absolutely no valid reason for CIC to do so.

And if you made $1.6 billion in one day, your name is likely Mark Zuckerberg and you founded something called Facebook. Your worth is now $30.3 billion and you’re 30 years of age.  Independent tech analyst and writer Carmi Levy @carmilevy (onTwitter) joins me as well on fantastic careers by young people with a vision for social media and other online ventures.


If you let your 10 year old son walk to the soccer field a few hundred yards from home should you face threat of police response?

That’s what happened to one of our guests today who joins us from the U.S.  Lori is one of our Hockey Moms (although she’s in Mississippi) and she faced a police officer issuing a threat because Lori allowed her 10 year old son to walk to the soccer field from home, even though she could see him the entire distance.
We’ll be speaking to Lori’s experience, as well as that of Debra Harrell of South Caroline who faces a felony charge for unlawful conduct toward a child for allowing her 9 year old daughter to stay in a park while Mom went to work at McDonald’s.
When you were 9, or 10 years of age, were you attached to your parent(s) by a bungee cord?  It was other parents who called police on Lori and Debra Harrell.

Hockey Moms Michelle Olson, teacher and past president of Home by Choice and Helen Ward, President of Kids First Parents Association of Canada will be sharing their thoughts and we’ll open the phone lines.

Recently retired Canadian Major General Ed Fitch will speak to the Israel-Hamas conflict.  General Fitch, prior to the Vancouver Olympic Games had as his assignment the role of heading a fictitious terror group trying to defeat Canadian security at the Games.

Emma Czornobaj, found guilty of criminal negligence causing death and dangerous driving causing death gave an interview to CBC in which she asked for no prison time.  This is before the judge delivers the sentence next month.  Smart move?  We’ll find out what one of Montreal’s most successful lawyers thinks when Julius Grey joins us.  And what you think of Ms. Czornobaj’s move.  She’s the young woman who stopped her car on a highway to assist ducks which had wandered onto the road.

Gerald Celente, publisher of Trends Journal returns and will be his controversial, say it as he sees it, self.  So many requests for Gerald Celente on the show.

Kim Trehan had her purse stolen at a Vancouver food court.  Only one person tried to help.  The remainder did nothing, except later, when a news report revealed Kim’s purse had cost $5000, did she receive real attention and on social media where Kim was trashed for having such an expensive purse.  Really??  Why would this happen? I’ll talk to Kim Trehan and she will take your calls as well.

Some of what’s on today’s show.