Australia makes the decision to strip citizenship of AU-born children of immigrants who choose to join and fight with ISIS. Should Canada follow suit?

Not surprisingly, much international news coverage of the decision taken by Australia to strip citizenship of AU-born children of immigrants who decide to fight for ISIS.  Such individuals will then be required to apply for citizenship of the nations their parents emigrated from.  Australia’s immigration minister spoke to this move earlier in the week and AU PM Tony Abbott addressed the intent of Australia to take such action in February.  Australia wants to model its law on that of the U.K.
Today I’ll be speaking with the former Canadian Ambassador to Syria and Lebanon, Martin Collacott, as well as Richard Kurland, one of Canada’s most prominent immigration lawyers about this and we’ll take your calls on whether Canada should follow Australia’s lead.

On the much discussed issue of radicalization, I’ll be joined by Abderrahim Foukara, Washington Bureau Chief of Al Jazeera.  How does Al Jazeera report on radicalization and what are its viewers and readers in the Middle East and globally writing?

Josh Gravens and Galen Boughman are both listed on the New York State Sex Offenders Registry.  Do they belong there?  I’ll be speaking to them both in Hour 2 of today’s show when they tell their stories. Gravens and Boughman are Soros Justice Advocacy Fellows and were introduced to me by Lenore Skenazy of

Ron Foxcroft is the Honourary Colonel of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Regiment in Hamilton.  This week Ron, along with the Argylls Commanding Officer Lt. Colonel Lawrence Hatfield and Hon. Lt. Col. Rick Kennedy participated in a 30 minute audience with Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace in commemoration of the shooting death of Corporal Nathan Cirillo at the National War Memorial last October. Corporal Cirillo was an Argyll and the Queen is the Colonel-in-Chief of the Regiment.
Hon. Col. Foxcroft will talk to us about that Buckingham Palace visit. A respectful moment and appropriately so.  I do though want to know what some of the requirements surrounding meeting the Queen are. What do you and don’t you say, for example.

There’s more like the teachers strike in Ontario and the coming ‘no steering wheel, no pedals’ autonomous car of the near future. In five years according to Google. Alex Davies of WIRED magazine will explain.

At first I was annoyed and then I thought, “maybe it was just one of those ‘oh, what the heck did I just say that for” moments.

It was an uncomfortable moment that’s for sure and it happened yesterday.  I was a place where I do business when a woman who works there pointed at my left hand and said “how long do you plan to wear that wedding ring now that your wife has died?”

I didn’t know what to say immediately.  What I wanted to say, as a gut reaction response was, “what a stupid question and what business is it of yours?”  But I didn’t.

What I said was “when I feel it is appropriate for me to do so.”

I wondered and am wondering now if she had just experienced a “put your foot in your own mouth” moments, but I’m not certain.

I’ve certainly done it.  Asked a question or made a comment not intending to insult or make someone uncomfortable and then realizing I’d done one, the other, or both.  Then what do you do?  Generally, I’ve apologized on the spot for any inappropriateness of my question or remark.

That didn’t happen yesterday.  The woman stared at me, and at the time I thought as though I’d insulted her with my response.  As though her question was entirely appropriate and was deserving of a specific answer.

So, today, in a fairly brief segment on the show, I’m going to ask you for your thoughts.  Was that a legitimate question, or was it prying, rude, insensitive and unnecessary?

Also today, I’ll be speaking with a  Texas university professor who has researched motorcycle clubs, the so-called outlaw 1% clubs, and he’ll talk to us about the gunfire exchange in Waco, Texas, last Monday between, according to news reports, the Bandidos, one of the most powerful motorcycle clubs in the world and another club called the Cossacks.  Except there are now stories that police were the first to begin the shooting.

Did a Colorado mother unnecessarily shame her 13 year old daughter on Facebook, or did she do exactly what a good and caring mother needed to do to protect her daughter who had secret Facebook page on which she portrayed herself as 19 and posted photograph(s) of herself reportedly wearing lacy lingerie.  There had been more than 10 million views of the video of the mother and daughter by Wednesday of this week.

I do believe the federal NDP and Liberals will be unhappy with me later today and don’t forget it’s Saturday, so it’s also Beauties and the Beast, with Catherine Swift, Linda Leatherdale and Michelle Simson.  One of our issues is that six major banks will pay in the billions of dollars for currency rigging and there’s talk that individuals who worked for those banks may be being investigated also.  So, could the economic crisis of 6 years ago, predicated on greed, also result in some prison time for principal offenders?

Just some of what’s on today’s show.

Tomorrow, we’ll include a conversation with two men on the U.S. Sex Offender Registry.  Do they belong there?  I will ask you to decide.

Australia prepared to revoke citizenship of Australia-born supporters of ISIS who decide to join the terror group. We will speak to this development this weekend

Australia’s Prime Minister in February warned such a step would likely be in his nation’s future.  Today the immigration minister for Australia spoke to moving forward with the initiative.  Young Australia-born ISIS supporters who fight for ISIS would be then required to apply for citizenship in the countries of their parents birth.

Should Canada adopt such a policy and change federal law to reflect such a decision?

At present revocation of passports is an option, but we stop short of removal of citizenship unless a dual-citizen is involved and even then there are conditions which must be satisfied.

On Sunday’s show I’ll have three excellent guests to speak to not only the issue of radicalizing of young Western citizens by ISIS, but also what is legally, constitutionally and morally required for and in Canada.

More on this weekend’s shows here tomorrow.