Prominent gun owners speak about firearms access and Lord Christopher Monckton, fmr policy advisor to the Iron Lady PM of the UK, Margaret Thatcher on Brexit. Just two of the issues today

Larry Pratt, founder of Gun Owners of America and Tony Bernardo, executive director of CILA join me today, along with Conservative MP Bob Zimmer of B.C. who introduced the e-petition to parliament, signed by 25,000+ wanting the sale of the AR-15 made non-restricted again in Canada.  I think we should hear from gun owners and representatives of gun owners in the U.S. and Canada.

Lord Christopher Monckton reacts to the Brexit vote.  And he has a few things to say about the future of England and the resignation of David Cameron.  We had our own versions of Brexit in Canada.  Quexits in 1980 and 1995 and the issue of where people feel more closely aligned seems never far from discussion.  I’ll be asking you if you identify most with your province, region, or Canada.

Do you think David Stephan being sentenced to four months in prison is correct?  The crown would have been happier with four years for David Stephan and his wife Colett in the death of their 19 month old son Ezekial.  Criminal lawyer David Butt joins me and we’ll take your calls. There’s much emotion and opinion on Mr. Justice Jerke’s decisions.

Listener Kathy joins us to personally read her email which generated so much response yesterday, as it deserved to.

Wendy Bell received 21 Emmy Awards as a television news anchor.  She was fired by her Pittsburgh station after Ms. Bell was accused of having posted a racist comment on Facebook.  Wendy Bell is suing her former employer arguing she was fired because she is white. I’ll be speaking to Wendy Bell’s lawyer Sam Cordes.

and the salary increases voted themselves by the regional council of Wood Buffalo in Alberta, which includes Fort McMurray have raised more than a few eyebrows. The timing is atrocious and more than doubling part time councillor salaries, while more than quadrupling the part time salaries of the three council members who become full time, from $36,000 to $150,000 is, pun intended, rich.  It’s the highest base salary for any member of any city council in Canada, far surpassing Toronto council base salaries, for example.

Much to talk about today.   Join us.

Opened double-barrelled hunting gun with two bullets close-up photo isolated on white background

Opened double-barrelled hunting gun with two bullets close-up photo isolated on white background



Brexit is the latch on the gate. The latch was opened in the U.K.

Brexit is the U.K. precursor to more to come, not only in Europe, but also elsewhere.  What Brexit showed was a regionally split U.K.  The question I’ll pose Saturday is whether Canada is also sufficiently regionally split for that to be of some level of concern.  Remember, it was just months ago Alberta faced off with Quebec over the construction of pipelines and Canadians were taking sides.

The programs we aired were energetic.

Saturday I’ll ask some very direct questions about Canada and being split regionally and whether those regional splits have the potential to create real damage to this country, or whether they mostly don’t exist in any formidable manner.

I’ll also play back for you the interview I recorded (Friday) with Alex Deane, Brexit Express cofounder and former parliamentary aide to now resigning British PM David Cameron.

Has Brexit also widened the opening for Donald Trump to gain the White House in the November election.  Fran Coombs, managing editor of Rasmussen polling joins me in hour 3.

In hour 1, Tom Caldwell, chairman of Caldwell Securities, with seats on the New York and Toronto stock exchanges joins me from Toronto with a view of what is happening and what may yet happen to your money over Brexit.

And Catherine Swift, Linda Leatherdale and Michelle Simson will join me as they do each Saturday. Brexit, CPP and Fort McMurray councillors (members of the Wood Buffalo regional council in Alberta) deciding to double their salaries are what we’ll take on

Brexit Direction Sign

Brexit Direction Sign

.  Timing is everything. Does council not quite understand the concept?

We’ll be opening the phone lines for you as well.

Please join us.

If Brexit referendum results in a narrow ‘remain in EU’ majority, it is still a strong anti establishment point of view

The latest poll I’ve seen (Noon ET, Thursday) from the UK has the Brexit numbers projected at 51% stay – 49% leave the EU.  If it’s that close and in fact, any number over 40% favouring opting out of the EU is a very strong anti establishment vote by the people of the U.K.
It’s the same reason Donald Trump won the GOP primaries with millions of voters siding with Trump and kicking establishment candidates to the curb.  It’s also why an unknown senator from a small, often largely ignored state, Vermont, carved out a huge constituency among Democratic Party supporters and why Hillary Clinton, who represents the establishment is not trusted by a significantly large percentage of American voters, according to repeat polling.
David Cameron, the U.K. PM represents the establishment and his demand Britons vote to remain in the EU is being ignored by millions of Brits.
Many of my media cousins haven’t quite grasped the concept of growing anti establishment thinking among electorates internationally.
We’ll know by early tomorrow ET in Canada what the ultimate decision of British voters is re the EU.  We already know their point of view concerning the establishment.

Person holding a flag of the United Kingdom

Person holding a flag of the United Kingdom