this weekend (Dec 3&4, ’16)

a two part interview with Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall.  Part 1, today, deals with the Premier’s absolute refusal to sign on to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s pan Canadian climate plan and national carbon tax.  Premier Wall speaks of a possible Saskatchewan lawsuit against the federal government.  He makes a compelling case for no carbon tax, which experts say would put us at a significant economic disadvantage against the United States which will have no such tax.  Also, France is dropping its carbon tax and Australia already has.  Too damaging to their economies.
And our PM hasn’t conducted even an economic impact study of a national carbon tax. I wonder why that might be.

Part 2 of my interview with Premier Wall will deal with pipelines and will be aired tomorrow.  We’ll include your calls.

On the issue of pipelines, today Caldwell Securities chairman Tom Caldwell and University of Saskatchewan professor Ken Coates, author of the First Nations engagement in the energy sector in Western Canada report.

We’ll talk about two women MPs who both want to be Prime Minister.  Kellie Leitch, running for the CPC leadership and Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party.  Dr. Leitch made headlines again this week with her announcement that if she becomes PM women will be permitted to carry and use mace and pepper spray for self defence and Elisabeth May stated she is willing to “go to jail” in order to stop pipelines.  Much to say and hear from you about each of these MPs.

I’ll be speaking with Justin and Mike Masotti of Hamilton from the cancer clinic where 17 year old Justin appears to be making remarkable progress fighting his brain cancer which Mike told us on air doctors in Ontario had declared terminal and Shaun Ekert will be with us from Germany where his father received what the surgeon is declaring a successful pancreatic cancer IRE knife tumour surgery.  Shaun told me in Saskatoon doctors said they would only offer ‘quality of life’ chemotherapy.

Much ahead this weekend.  Please join us and call in.


Following PM Trudeau’s pipelines decision supporters are now challenging him and detractors are praising him for being brave

On Saturday’s program we’ll look at the pipelines decision by PM Trudeau.  What he approved, refused, hinted at and what the reaction is.  I have great guests with strong views and we’ll open the phone lines because I know you will have too.

Another Canadian pancreatic cancer patient has made his way to Germany for the nanoknife surgery undergone by Trent Hills, Ontario Mayor Hector MacMillan. Again the nanoknife surgery was unavailable even though the machine was present.  This time it was Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  You’ll hear the son of the cancer patient who will undergo the nanoknife surgery tomorrow, by the same surgeon who performed the procedure on Mayor MacMillan.

More about the issues and guests for this weekend as get closer to Saturday.


Justin Trudeau angers many with his statement of praise for Fidel Castro

Canada’s Prime Minister raised the ire of many with his praise for the 90 year old Cuban dictator who died Friday.  We’ll address that in hour 1 today, including your calls.

Michael Banerian is a member of the U.S. Electoral College.  It is the Electoral College members who will cast the final votes on who becomes President of the United States. Mr. Barnerian will join me today.  He’s also received threats should he, as his mandate requires, cast his vote for Donald Trump.

And we’ll speak to an Ontario resident facing the challenge of paying for hugely spiking electricity prices, food and rent.  Many Ontarians can’t afford to pay all those bills and face having their hydro cut off.  Premier Kathleen Wynne who is dragging badly in the polls has admitted the situation is her “mistake.”

Ontario PC Party leader Patrick Brown joins me on this issue, as well as Francesca Dobbyn, executive director of the Bruce Grey County United Way. Ms. Dobbyn’s concern is someone may die because of the cost of electricity in the province.

Some of our issues/interviews today.  Please join us and call in.