Sydney and Pakistan speak to an increasingly worrying world

I spoke with a former senior international police official today who will be joining us on Sunday’s program to speak to the violence of the hostage-taking incident in Sydney, as well as the killing of more than 140 in Pakistan. Most of the dead are children, with Pakistani Taliban claiming responsibility.
The Sydney hostage-taking which resulted in three deaths, including the gunman already charged as an accessory to the murder of his wife, begs the question why was Man Haron Monis granted bail?  Not only was the accessory to murder charge facing him, but so was a 2002 sexual assault charge.
As far as the killing of the children in Pakistan is concerned, I posted this to Twitter earlier today.  ‘Hearing the news of the killing of so many children in Pakistan, I want to shout “why?”  But I won’t.  I don’t want to hear the answer.
We’ll be speaking to the Sydney hostage-taking on Saturday’s program and include your calls for my guests.

Would you lay a criminal charge against the Ontario mother who left her 9 month old baby boy in her car with the engine running?

you’ve maybe heard how this story turned out, how the car was stolen and the baby abducted as the mother entered the store the pay for the gasoline she’d just purchased.  A terrible moment.  About 30 minutes later the car was found abandoned and with the baby still inside.  No charges against the mother say police because “this could happen to anyone.”  That’s not well received by a number of listeners who sent email (, several drawing a comparison between the Ontario mother and the Georgia father who left his young son strapped into the car seat of his vehicle.  We all know that the father in Georgia is facing murder charges.
Our Hockey Moms panel will speak to the Ontario mom’s case and I’ll be taking your calls to find out if you believe she should face criminal charges.

A follow-up to my question of yesterday concerning the federal government’s decision to (it seems) exclude Muslims from the 1300 Syrian refugees Canada is prepared to accept from the war-ravaged country.  I asked if you supported the government’s position and the segment became very engaged.  We’ll revisit and I’ll read email critical of the position some people think I took.

The death of Brian Sinclair in a Winnipeg hospital emergency room waiting room really was tragic. In 2008, Mr. Sinclair was ignored and allowed to slowly die of a very treatable bladder infection.  His family reportedly view this is an issue of racism against aboriginal people in Canada’s health care system (reports Global News). I’ll talk about Mr. Sinclair and about Shayne Hay of Alberta, who late in 2010, committed suicide at the Royal Alex hospital in Edmonton by hanging himself using a strap from his backpack.  Mr. Hay had checked himself into the hospital and told staff he was suicidal (he’d earlier checked himself out of a mental health facility in the city).  His mother Carol called me on air as we were talking about the case as I was hosting on Alberta’s Corus stations at the time.  It was one of the most difficult calls of my career and not the first time I’ve spoken to a parent grieving the loss of a child.  Do you have an experience with a hospital E.R. you care to share?  There are wonderful examples of incredible and timely care.  There are though the stories of Brian Sinclair and Shayne Hay and other patients who have not benefitted from care they desperately required.
Hospital emergency rooms are invariably busy, often overly so, as patients without access to a family doctor will turn to the E.R. for sometimes fairly routine primary care I’ve been told.

Does your employer expect you to work from home on your time and without being paid? A class action lawsuit is being proposed against Home Depot in the U.S. on this issue.  What are the rules in Canada about working on your own time and the remuneration you’re entitled to?  Employment lawyer Lior Samfiru of Toronto joins me and if you find yourself working on your own time for your boss, under what circumstance does that happen?  Are you expected to do this without extra pay?  Let me today.

Just some of what we’re talking about on today’s show.


still believe parents must have the final say on medical treatment for their children?

this was a very engaged issue as we talked about two aboriginal children whose parents refused to submit to calls by Hamilton’s McMaster Children’s Hospital that the 11 year old girls should be treated at the hospital for their leukemia.  McMaster went to court in an attempt to require the parents agree to chemotherapy and other cancer treatment doctors at the hospital insist have an excellent chance of curing the children of their cancer.
The courts didn’t agree with the doctors and the parents decided on natural/traditional healing methods, as supported by the Constitution.
The Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida was involved with the children’s battle with cancer and its director Brian Clement argued that leukemia was quite easily dealt with. Clement and his wife go by the title “Doctor”, but neither is an accredited physician and now the HHI and the Clements are being sued by former employees who maintain they lost their jobs because they had concerns about “ethical transgressions in regard to the medical treatment of patients at the facility.”
The Clements are vigorously challenging the suit.
I’ve visited the HHI website and will share with you today some of what is offered as far as dealing with cancer is concerned.
We also spoke twice with Vancouver lawyer Scott Taylor about what Mr. Taylor maintains should be the way serious health issues are resolved when children are involved and that is, argues Scott Taylor, that parents should not be the final arbiters if a significant health facility and its doctors (like McMaster Children’s Hospital) insist the children’s health and possibly survival depend on receiving treatment only the hospital is able to provide.
On both occasions Scott Taylor’s argument was rejected virtually unanimously by callers.  After this week’s revelations concerning the lawsuit against the Hippocrates Health Institute (licenced as a spa in Florida, with neither Brian Clement, nor his wife accredited as doctors), do you still believe Scott Taylor is wrong?
Scott will join us in hr 1.

Also today…the plummeting of the price of oil and the impact on our economy and your own personal economy.  Tom Caldwell, Chairman of Caldwell Securities will speak to that in Hr. 1 and in Hr 3, in our Beauties and the Beast segment with Catherine, Linda and Michelle, they with their financial backgrounds will look at the issue as well and more.  And why is there a “Wanted” poster depicted Michelle Simson?  It’s quite a story and Michelle will share.

We’ll get at the CIA enhanced interrogation (torture) issue with former CSIS agent Michel Juneau-Katsuya and how is the U.S. Senate report being received by young Muslims on social networking sites?  Mubin Shaikh (@caliphatecop) joins me.

Canada has decided it will admit just over 1000 refugee claimants from Syria, but the focus will be on minority Syrian communities, to the exclusion of Muslims.  Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy joins me on this.  His family emigrated from Syria and he still has family there.  Dr. Jasser is a former U.S. Navy Lt Commander and author of Battle for the Soul of Islam.

There’s more, including Mark Yost on the NFL’s new personal conduct policy for players.  Mark argues by the time the  players make the NFL their problems have been in place for a long time.  …. so join us today