So how will the Greek referendum turn out … and more of what’s on today’s show

What impact will today’s referendum in Greece likely have, not only on Greece, but also the Eurozone and beyond?  Can it impact Canada?  Will other countries facing massive debt consider default?  China’s economy appears to be in a real struggle with its stock markets having dived 30% in just the past weeks.  I’ll speak with Tom Caldwell, Chairman of Caldwell Securities about the Greek referendum and the concerns about international economies.

I’ll also ask Tom Caldwell out is people still fall for Ponzi schemes in 2015.  There’s the story of two Calgary men convicted of fraud in a case which could involve (as I’ve read) up to 2400 international investors and up to $400 million. If a deal seems to be too good (38% annual return on a $99,000 investment) then, yep, it probably is.

As an immigrant to Canada and with Canada Day just a few days ago, I have some blunt questions to ask.  One without assistance and on the other I’ll involve national immigration lawyer Richard Kurland and Ambassador Martin Collacott from the Centre for Immigration Policy Reform. This immigrant asks this question: are too many newcomers permitted to enter Canada annually?  I’ll ask you and tell you what I think.

Do you work, or have you worked with the general public?  What happened to a bus driver at the hands of the flower of Canadian youth is reprehensible. I’ll relate the story and then I have a question and I want you to deliver a message to those responsible.  If you work with the general public, or have, I expect there will be some very interesting stories ready to be told.

The U.S. Geological Survey predicts up to 25% of the world’s polar bear population could be in imminent danger by 2025 and because of global warming.  Dr. Mitchell Taylor, Canadian scientist and leading polar bear expert who spent a great deal of time on the ice with the bears shares his views and thoughts on bear populations and global warming.

And I saw it happen in a supermarket parking lot. I’m still having difficulty believing what I saw.  That and your calls today as well.


Paul Bernardo wants out of his prison cell? Let him out. Read on.

Prison Cell Bars

Prison Cell Bars

Paul Bernardo wants out of his prison cell?  Fine then! Let him out!  Let Bernardo out of his cell and allow him to stroll into the general population of any Canadian prison.

The prison justice system would take care of the callous murderer of Kristen French and Leslie Mahaffy.  The prison justice system would exact its toll for Bernardo’s serial rapes and the drugging and raping of his then fiancée Karla Homolka’s 14 year old sister Tammy.  Tammy would choke on her own vomit and die.

Doug and Donna French, as well as Debbie Mahaffy became friends of mine through the tragic violence which befell their daughters.  I haven’t seen the families or spoken to them in a number of years, but I think of their pain and the horror Bernardo inflicted on them.

There are so many individual moments which will never fade.  I’ll talk about some of them on today’s program.

Several in particular stand out.

There was the morning Chief Inspector Vince Bevan of the Niagara Regional Police joined me in-studio.  It was at the height of the investigation and the public mood was dark and appetite for information was immense.

Vince Bevan was guarded in what he released, but one thing he said made me certain arrests were not far in the future.  “I suspect those responsible for the murders of Kristen and Leslie are listening to this broadcast right now.  They’ll want to know what we know.”  It was how Vince Bevan said those words which registered.  he wasn’t talking to me at that point.  I’m sure he was talking to Bernardo and Homolka and telling them “we know who you are and it won’t be long now.”  And it wasn’t.

Paul Bernardo is a merciless and vicious killer of children and a sexual predator.

So now he wants day parole. Grant it!  But inside the walls and among the general population of a Canadian prison.  Let Bernardo pick the prison. The outcome will be the same and deserved.

I’ll be speaking with Robin Smith who spent time in U.S. and Canadian prisons about the fate which would await Bernardo in a prison general population in hour 1 of today’s program.

Scott Newark, former Crown Attorney and former head of the Ontario Office for Victims of Crime will also join me.  Scott worked with the families.

Doug and Donna French and their family, Debbie Mahaffy and her family, the sexual assault victims of Bernardo should not be facing torment from this serial killer.

If anyone has earned torment, it is Bernardo.

Thank you Canada

I will eternally be grateful to Canada and Canadians.  Grateful for welcoming a thirteen year old and his mother.  Grateful for assisting that thirteen year old and his parent when early days, because of a reality beyond their control, made placing a meal on the table even once daily a challenge.  Grateful for swinging wide the doors of opportunity to a teen decidedly on the economic fringes.  Grateful for permitting a young man to proudly swear an oath of allegiance and become a full member of the Canadian family.

These decades later, after visiting most of the nation, with Newfoundland and Labrador being the only province onto whose territory I have not yet set foot (but will), I feel blessed to call Canada home.

Canada and Canadians are envied.  The list of applicants wishing to emigrate from their nations of birth and call Canada home swells.

On Canada’s birthday I wish to express my thanks to this nation and its people for being so welcoming.

Enjoy Canada Day 2015.  This wonderful country is yours

canadian maple leaf

canadian maple leaf

.  Be reminded that along with enjoyment comes responsibility.  The responsibility to nurture and to grow “the true north strong and free.”

Happy Canada Day, everyone.