From temporary foreign workers, to armed stand-off at a Nevada ranch, to beer sales at corner stores and a panel of high school students on education delivery. Some of what’s on today’s show

Is there really, in 2014, still an argument against selling beer at corner stores?  A supportable argument?   Much social network and other reaction to the Beer Facts ad run on YouTube by major brewers opposed to the sale of beer at corner stores in Ontario.  What about the rest of Canada?  We’ll take your calls and try to clear up this picture.

A standoff at a Nevada ranch between  U.S. federal agents and the rancher and his supporters, including armed militia members had U.S. Senate majority leader Harry Read describe the armed militias as “domestic terrorists.”  I’ll be speaking with a member of the militias (Jerry DeLemus) who drove from New Hampshire to Nevada to assist the rancher Cliven Bundy.  It has to do with Washington declaring (and courts) that Mr. Bundy owes over $1 million in grazing fees for his cattle on land declared federal property, something Mr. Bundy refuses to accept.  Also joining me is Susan DeLemus, former N.H. State Representative and wife of Jerry DeLemus.

There was much controversy over the Temporary Foreign Workers Program and we spoke to that with Dan Kelly, president/CEO of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business last Sunday.  One employer/business owner sent email “begging” I not identify him/her by name because of fear of reprisals from the federal government of Canada.  Other business owners also sent emails, as did many listeners.  Some supported the TFWP, others, not at all.  Some agreed with Dan Kelly’s assessment that foreign workers may have a better work ethic than their Canadian counterparts as far as entry-level, low paying jobs are concerned, others took Mr. Kelly to task. I have emails I’ll share and we’ll open the lines.

Three high school students will be on the show and form a panel dealing with the kind of education they’re receiving and how they feel about social promotion, no zeros, no competition and not marking papers with red ink.   I know you’ll find their view very interesting and why shouldn’t we hear from the students.  One of the student panelists contacted me after a recent show on education.

We’ll speak about the passing of Rubin “Hurricane” Carter in Toronto.  The former middleweight world champion boxer was innocent of the triple murder he was convicted of in the U.S. and spent 19 years in prison before the verdict was overturned.  I interviewed Rubin Carter on a number of occasions and today will be speaking with James Lockyer, lawyer associated with the Association for the Defence of the Wrongfully Convicted.  Rubin Carter headed the organization for a number of years.  Many of you will have seen the movie The Hurricane, starring Denzel Washington.



Carol Todd will join me today

With the arrest of 35 year old Aydin Coban of the Netherlands and charges being laid against Coban by the RCMP, charges including extortion, luring and criminal harassment in relation to his alleged actions against 15 year old Amanda, Carol’s daughter, what can be said about Coban on air is limited.  While there will be no speculation as to guilty or innocence of Coban on any of the charges, Carol will speak to her mission of safeguarding the young, as well as adults from any online predatory behaviour.
Also joining Carol Todd will be international parenting expert Barbara Coloroso ( and Toronto criminal laywer and legal counsel to the Kids Internet Safety Alliance (

Knife attacks have stunned Canada and Canadians particularly in the last weeks, with the deaths of five University of Calgary students and charges laid against another U of C student in those deaths, as well as knife attacks at a Regina shopping mall, a stabbing of a 17 year old in Ontario and the alleged attack by a 47 year old man who reportedly was about to lose his job, now has this individual facing three attempted murder charges.  I’ll be speaking with Dr. Frank Farley, past president of the American Psychological Association.  Dr. Farley is Canadian.

Is Vladimir Putin on schedule for what Dr. Yuri Felshstinsky (co-author: Blowing Up Russia, the book banned in Russia) tells us is Putin’s determination to plunge Russia into a wider war this year?  There was a diplomatic solution agreed to as far as the Ukraine crisis is concerned, but is that already teetering?  Dr. Felshtinsky rejoins us.

We’ll talk to Vancouver family lawyer Scott Taylor ( about a very unusual court decision, in a very unusual circumstance and since it’s Saturday, it’s Catherine Swift (Chair of CFIB) and Linda Leatherdale ( segment day and the three of us and you with your calls will have something to say about a very news-creating Canadian.

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Some of today’s program lineup (Sat April 12)

As Canada mourns the death of Jim Flaherty, perhaps the most influential federal and provincial Minister of Finance, I’ll be speaking with former Ontario Premiers Mike Harris and Ernie Eves concerning their memories of Jim Flaherty and the special qualities he brought to public life.  There are many times we challenge MPs and their provincial counterparts and there were times during interviews I challenged Mr. Flaherty, but he never held a grudge and gave questions thoughtful and thorough answers.  He wasn’t just talking to me.  He was talking to Canadians through my program.  I remember thinking that about him.  A special man who deserved more from life and who earned the State Funeral he will receive next Wednesday.

The former head of security for Israel’s national airline El Al, Isaac Yeffet will join me on the continuing mystery into the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370.  Now the story is Malaysian military officials, as well as air traffic control withheld data about the flight during the initial chaotic hours which in turn caused the international search effort to focus on the wrong area for a week.  Mr. Yeffet was also quoted as saying he believed Iran may have been behind the disappearance of airliner and that it was likely landed somewhere.  Other Israeli aviation security experts agreed in a story callred by the Times of Israel three weeks ago.

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled against the federal government’s C-24 Truth in Sentencing Act and the pre-trial custody value when it comes to actual sentencing.  Ottawa wanted a day in pre-trial to count for no more than a day from the actual sentence, where up to two days had been granted by courts.  Scott Newark, former Alberta Crown Attorney who helped draft the private member’s legislation C-393 for Conservative MP Gord Brown, which addressed pre-trial credits directly, warned on air several times that C-24 had loopholes the courts would discover. This week the SCC did exactly that.  Scott Newark will join us.

Dr. Yuri Felshtinsky, co-author of Blowing Up Russia, the book banned in Vladimir Putin’s Russia, will be back on the show today. Dr. Felshtinsky continues to warn Putin is moving toward a broad war and this year.  Putin just sent a warning letter to 18 heads of state.  Dr. Felshtinsky is back with us today.

What a week in the trial of Oscar Pistorius in South Africa.  Pistorius was in tears professing he did not know Reeva Steenkamp was in the bathroom into which Pistorius fired four shots.  The prosecutor, Gerrie Nel, was hard on Pistorius, essentially telling him he is a liar.  Neal Collins, sports talk radio producer and host is back with us from South Africa.  Neal is at Talk Radio 702 and 567 Cape Talk.

It’s B&B time with Catherine Swift and Linda Leatherdale.  Catherine was a friend of Jim Flaherty’s and she’ll speak about her friend the Minister of Finance and Linda remembers a particular gesture by Jim Flaherty which showed the real humanity of this man.  We’ll also get at what the president of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business said about the work ethic of Canadians vs temporary foreign workers.  Catherine is the Chair of the CFIB, of course.   And on tomorrow’s show Dan Kelly, CFIB president joins us and takes calls.

And there’s a moment which a friend saw develop at a local Timmie’s which has wondering what you’ll say when I share that information with you.

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