My wife’s battle with cancer

I want to share with you the reason I’ve been absent from my show occasionally in recent weeks and will be again this weekend.

I spoke some months ago on air about my wife’s battle with a particularly aggressive cancer.  At the time she had been declared to be in remission.  Now the battle has taken a turn we prayed it would not.

My wife had been feeling increasingly unwell recently, resulting in a series of tests.  We know now the cancer has returned and in a very serious manner.

There have been many kind thoughts and good wishes expressed over the past months on air, by social media and particularly email.

In recent weeks I have received email wondering if my on air absences may be related to my wife’s cancer battle.

I had intended to wait until I was back on the show before publicly addressing what has developed, but ultimately don’t want to appear to be ignoring the very thoughtful messages we have received.

To everyone fighting a personal health battle, or if you’re a family member, caregiver or friend to someone who is, our thoughts and prayers go out to you.

My wife and I thank you so very much for your concern and support.

When Pierre Trudeau was asked a question about multiculturalism, he said?

Let me back up a bit.  Yesterday we aired a very energized hour on the issue of the niqab being worn during a citizenship oath ceremony.  In fact, that was the starting point.  It was what federal politicians have said and accused each other of since which caused this issue to air this weekend.

we had excellent guests with strong opinions, callers too.  That was part 1.

One of the questions we dealt with was whether a national commission on reasonable accommodation of newcomers to Canada is advisable.  That’s what the Quebec lieutenant of the NDP caucus told Quebec media.

So that, partly, brought us to the issue of official multiculturalism and it reminded me that former Liberal MP John Bryden attended a dinner in 1995, for former Liberal MPs and hosted by former Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau.  Each MP got to ask Mr. Trudeau one question.

John Bryden’s question was “Mr. Trudeau, you were one of the key architects of multiculturalism and now we are in a situation where many newcomers to Canada consider ethnicity before being Canadian.  Is this the outcome you wanted?”  The room reportedly went silent.  PET’s response was “no, this is not what I wanted.”

We’ll talk today.  Politicians opened the door to national discussion and we’ll do exactly that.

Also joining us will be Dr. Ingrid Mattson, London and Windsor Community Chair in Islamic Studies at Huron University College, at the University of Western Ontario.  Dr. Mattson is the author of The Story of the Qur’an: It’s History and Place in Muslim Life.

Much more today, including whether domestic violence toward men is as prevalent as it is toward women …

and, it happened.  What happened?  The popular kids game Hide and Go Seek has been banned!! We’ll have the story and your views.

Lots more on today’s show.