Donald Trump’s Veep choice tomorrow and a look at the weekend

So who?  Let me crawl out on the limb here and pick Chris Christie.  The N.J. Governor destroyed the GOP’s favourite candidate Marco Rubio in one primary debate. Christie would make the Democrats take their eye off Donald Trump and focus on the best political brawler in the U.S.  Chris Christie is a compelling speaker as well.  Watch and listen to his town hall talk about his friend who died of a dependence on prescription meds which spiralled out of control.

Will also look at Cleveland next week and what the concerns are re security at the GOP convention. Will Cleveland become a battle zone between pro and anti Trump forces?

It’s not over about O Canada and the lyric change at the MLB all star game.  Not nearly. Particularly after a conversation I had yesterday.  You’ll want in on this one.

And amazing isn’t it?  In the U.S. presidential election campaigns take at least two years to run their course.  Some argue the campaigns for POTUS never actually end.  Yet in the U.K. over a period just literally days … a PM who won a resounding majority government just recently is gone.  And how are Brits responding to their new occupant at 10 Downing Street?  The word from London …but not political analysis. No, this will be seat-of-the-pants British people response.

I’m working on issues/topics/call-in segments for both Saturday and Sunday.
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Milos Raonic in the Wimbledon Final

A tremendous achievement by Milos in a career which continues to spiral upward.  Will be speaking with his junior coach Casey Curtis today.
Also today it’s getting literally bloody on the streets as cyclists and motorists collide. Who is to blame?  We’ll talk. Joining me will be Joey Schwartz of the Toronto Bicycling Network.
Americans aren’t happy Hillary Clinton is not being indicted.  that’s what Rasmussen reports is relaying. I’ll be speaking with Rasmussen managing editor Fran Coombs today. Fran will also update the U.S. election campaign.
I’ll reread the email sent by a member of law enforcement about this past week in the U.S. It’s powerful.  Will hear your thoughts.
The U.K. in political turmoil now post Brexit?  Alex Deane, cofounder of Brexit Express returns.  Alex was parliamentary aide to outgoing PM David Cameron.
Just some of what’s on today….there’s more.

Two African American men shot and killed by white police officers in Louisiana and Minnesota. That resulted in the assassination of five police officers in Dallas, Tx.

We’ll begin Saturday’s program with the shooting deaths of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Philando Castile of St. Paul, Minnesota, both by white police officers.  That was followed Thursday evening by the assassination of five Dallas, Texas police officers by a former U.S. military reservist who is African American.
I’ll be speaking with Dr. Delores Jones-Brown of John Jay College of Criminal Justice and Ron Miller, former member of the U.S. Air Force and associate dean at Liberty University. Ron’s website is   I’ll also read an email which was sent by a federal Canadian peace officer which demands answers and which may cause some people some irritation, but the email asks questions.  How will you answer those questions?  That’s hour 1.

Catherine Galliford, Krista Carle, Atoya Montague and Alice Fox.  All names which will be immediately familiar to likely most Canadians as women within the RCMP (police officers and civilian employees) who have accused the force of harbouring male officers who engaged in sexual misconduct, as in harassment and assault against women.

The now former RCMP women join me because federal Minister for Public Safety, Ralph Goodale, has appointed former federal Auditor General Sheila Fraser as independent Special Advisor on complaints by women in the RCMP.  Hundreds are involved in litigation against the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Joining the panel will be Dr. Greg Passey, psychiatrist who is the mental health care professional assisting several women who have brought charges against the RCMP.  That’s hour 2.

Alison Azer on Tuesday in Ottawa revealed her information is that her former husband Dr. Saren Azer, a former refugee to Canada, is being detained by Iranian authorities which may provide opportunity for Alison’s four Canadian kids to be returned home, after being kidnapped by their father.  Justin Trudeau did, just a few weeks ago, provide assurance to Alison Azer that he will do everything in his power to see the children returned to their mother.  Dr. Azer is the subject of a Canada-wide arrest warrant and is being sought by Interpol.  Alison Azer joins me in hour 3.  See

and Beauties and the Beast, our regular Saturday show-ending third hour high energy segment with Catherine Swift, Linda Leatherdale and Michelle Simson will start off with the issue of U.S. police and African American relations.

Please join us.

A close-up photo of Emergency lights at night

A close-up photo of Emergency lights at night