Battle lines drawn between Trump administration & White House

You saw it in the press briefing between new White House press secretary Sean Spicer and national media, as Spicer too media to task for reporting on attendance at the inauguration of Donald Trump.  What he could and should have spent more time on I think was the ‘fake news’ story by Time magazine reporter that the bust of Dr. Martin Luther King had been removed from the Oval Office by president Donald Trump on his first day in office.

The reporter couldn’t see the MLK bust because a television camera and camera operator blocked his view, so instead of changing position so he could see the stand the bust had been placed on, he filed the “MLK bust removed” story which was picked up by other news organizations.  Eventually the reporter tweeted a retraction. If this ‘reporter’ worked for me, well, he wouldn’t be working for me. That was so basic and the question of an anti-Trump agenda in play has to be asked.

Chris Mathews of MSNBC made a Hitler reference to President Trump’s speech. Terry Moran of ABC News alluded to the speech hearkening to the 1930’s and they weren’t the only ones.  To the bleating reporters/commentators/pundits, Donald Trump won the election because he had more votes than Hillary Clinton in 30 out of 50 states.  Got it? It’s called Democracy.  Hillary Clinton was a terrible candidate with a message she couldn’t sell in 2008 or 2016.  She chose to describe ‘more than half’ of those who would vote for Donald Trump as “deplorables.”  That is the kind of chatter which cost Clinton the White House.  That she had an unauthorized server for her emails only added to her problems.  By the way, that issue isn’t settled.  There remains an ongoing FBI investigation from what I’ve read.

We’ll talk about these issues today, along with part 3 of my interview with Kevin O’Leary recorded Friday and then your calls on whether you could see KO replacing JT as PM in ’19.

and details of our pursuit of an interview with Prime Minister Trudeau.  There was correspondence and a phone call between the PMO media office and me over the past few days.  I’ll share that and read the email detailing what we are looking for from Mr. Trudeau as far as the interview is concerned.

And former crown attorney and national security expert Scott Newark on the call yesterday between Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau and what may have been said about mutual security concerns and how prepared Canada is on national security.

Some of what’s on today’s show.  Hope you’ll join us and call in.  800.263.2428.