Week one in the White House … and two weeks on the road

And how have the PM’s cross Canada town hall sessions impressed you?  If you attended any of the town halls, particularly in Western Canada, I wold like to speak with you on air.  We don’t have to use your name if you prefer not to.  You may remain anonymous.  I’d like listeners to have a sense of what it felt like to be at the town hall with Justin Trudeau taking questions.  If you know of someone who attended a town hall please ask that person to get in touch.

Suggest you email to:  roy@roygreenshow.com.

After one week in office Donald Trump has left little doubt that what he committed to on the campaign trail is what he will pursue from the Oval Office.  Seems as though senators and members of the house are largely ornamental, at least for now.  We’ll be speaking about one president Trump initiative that may have repercussions directly here in Canada and on Saturday, on that issue, joining me will be a significant member of the Barack Obama administration.

A national poll for Global News by Ipsos suggests Kevin O’Leary as leader of the Conservative Party of Canada could “pose a threat” to Justin Trudeau’s Liberals in ’19.  Last weekend you heard my interview with Kevin O’Leary.  You’ll also find it here on the web page in the podcasts.
I’ve believed for some time now that O’Leary would be a major challenge for the Liberals.  That written, Erin O’Toole, former CPC Veterans Affairs Minister and Air Force Captain will be joining me Sunday to make his case to succeed Stephen Harper as Conservative Party leader.

I thought we had Maxime Bernier booked, but then they backed out a few weeks ago.  Also called Deepak Obhrai’s office after reading he feels “old Canada” media are biased against him. I spoke with Mr. Obhrai’s assistant in his Ottawa office and offered an interview.  The assistant promised to get back to me and I’m still waiting.  The offer was made in mid-November.

If you heard Ken, the Albertan struggling to get by on $850 a month in social assistance, following a heart attack which has left his health tenuous and Ken unable to do what he’s done for the past 25 years, namely, drive truck, I spoke with Ken on Monday and let him know a number of listeners have contacted me and want to provide Ken some assistance.  He is very appreciative.

Ken is living in an old RV and his heating is by propane.  Because of the Alberta NDP’s planet-saving carbon tax the price of a bottle of propane has increased from $65 to $85 and Ken can’t afford now to purchase propane as regularly as he requires it.

I’m going to draw a contrast between Ken and three other Canadians none of us know directly (most probably), but each of us needs to be reminded about.

Back to Donald Trump.  The U.S. president is taking arbitrary steps concerning refugee claimants, as well as denying visas to enter the U.S. to anyone from seven specific countries in the Middle EAst and North Africa, temporarily.  CAIR has accused Trump of being an Islamophobe.

An uneasy world.  We’ll talk on the weekend.