the former Commander of Canada’s national anti terrorism unit JTF2 today

Another life-claiming terror attack over the past 24 hours in Bangladesh, following the loss of more than 40 lives at Ataturk airport in Istanbul.  Lt Colonel Steve Day (ret’d) former Commander of Canada’s national counter terrorism unit JTF2 joins me today to speak to the issue of how to counter the international and national threats of terror.

Are you looking forward to the day you’ll be legally permitted to consume cannabis recreationally?  Maybe you anticipated you’d be able to do so already, given Justin Trudeau’s promises last October during the federal election campaign.
Well, the Liberals just announced the creation of a taskforce to study legalizing and regulation of cannabis availability.
Marc and Jodie Emery, perhaps Canada’s best known supporters of legalizing cannabis join me and Jodie has formally requested her participation on the taskforce.
We’ll include your calls.  Do you believe you’ll see the day you’ll have the choice to consume cannabis recreationally and legally, sooner than later?

The Federal Court overturned a federal government decision to go ahead with building of the Northern Gateway pipeline.  The judges decided 2-1 to negate parliament.  I’ll be speaking with Mark Scholz, president of the Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors today.  Mr. Scholz wrote an op-ed in the Calgary Herald in which he compares pipelines today with the nation-building of railways in the 1800’s.
It is problematic when two appointed judges halt a hugely important decision of Canada’s parliament.  We’ll include your calls.

When you sang O Canada yesterday on Canada Day, did you sing “in all thy sons command” or in “all of us command?”
Three weeks ago Chris Guyda joined us.  Chris is a Grade 11 student in Warman, Saskatchewan and he wrote a class exercise essay in which Chris challenged members of parliament who voted to change the words of our national anthem because, as some argued, “it is 2016.”  I suspect none of those members of parliament was aware of the historic significance of “in all thy sons command.”  It’s spelled out in Chris’ essay which I’ll read and then take your calls.  Will you sing “in all thy sons” … or “in all of us”…..?

And Catherine Swift and Michelle Simson join me for our weekly Beauties and the Beast half hour.  Linda Leatherdale is off today for some family celebrations.  One of the topics with Michelle and Catherine will be the Three Amigos meeting in Ottawa.  It may not be so “amigo-ish” next time the political heads of Canada, the U.S. and Mexico meet.

We’ll talk later.