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During our regular Saturday segments Catherine Swift, Chair of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, Linda Leatherdale, independent business journalist at and I have consistently faced the same complaint and challenge raised by callers as well listeners who sent emails to (

The issue? Unfairly and unreasonably high taxes, coupled with potentially entrepreneurial spirit and initiative crushing bureaucratic fees and regulations.

This hasn’t been occasional chatter from unhappy complainers. What we have heard and read is a stream of strong and determined opposition to heavy-handed, big government virtual looting (a caller’s term supported by others) of hard won profits, particularly from small and medium sized businesses.

Frustration over onerously high taxation and fees hasn’t been voiced by only the business community. Working Canadians from all five provinces where my show is heard (Ontario – British Columbia), have challenged the unfairness of current income (federal and provincial) and consumption taxes.

More than a few callers and emailers have responded to cautions from the Governor of the Bank of Canada, as well as federal Minister of Finance about Canadians assuming record personal debt by suggesting high debt loads are at least partly the result of discretionary spending choking tax rates.

Linda, Catherine and I committed to starting a Tax Revolt which we’ll begin to roll out this coming Saturday in the third hour of the show.

We will provide Canadians the opportunity to deliver their message of tax discontent to politicians federal and provincial (and municipal when and where needed).

If you operate a small or medium sized business and feel choked by taxation, fees and regulations, if you’re a taxpayer feeling punished by current high rates of income and consumption taxes, do you agree it is absolutely essential governments receive an unequivocal message concerning taxation levels and more than that? A direct message challenging government spending of the money we earn and they acquire?

Whether in power, or sitting in opposition, the message Catherine, Linda and I have heard again and again is one of frustration directed toward tax and spend politicians. We have heard from business owners who operate in the tax avoidance, cash and barter only underground economy. Some because they told us it’s the only assured way their businesses will survive. Others have shared that to refuse “cash only” deals is to be refused business.

When we first floated the idea of a tax revolt on air the reaction from callers and listeners was “when”?

Listen and participate Saturday. Hour three! Post your thoughts on the need for a tax revolt right here on this blog, right now. Just follow the instructions on this page.

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27 thoughts on “Tax Revolt

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    Ed MacAulay on

    I agree it is very important that tax payers say
    we have had enough and that government
    is too costly and government workers are paid
    too much and their benefits are to high as well.

  1. Bring it on Roy, but the tax revolt has to be coupled with some sort of accountability for our elected politicians.

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    Leanne R Horbachewski on

    Yes Yes Yes to a tax revolt. We are being taxed to the eyeballs. If it walks like a talks like a duck it is a duck. Anyway you slice it wether it is fees for this or that or a tax for this or that it is still a tax, and for what? If we got our money’s worth, and the Govt and thier pals could justify the spending I don’t mind paying my share. My husband and I live on a fixed income and we put aside what we thought would be enough to have us live a comfortable life. We can no longer expect to do that.

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    Phyllis Watt on

    HI, I am a retired 75 year old woman and I haven’t had a raise since I retired, but my taxes keep going up. I live in B C and we really are taxed out with our gas taxes medical yearly payments etc.

    I am for your tax revolt Roy.
    Really like you weekend show.

      • Catherine, Linda and I will unveil our approach starting next Saturday Marcia, assuming we reach the 100 number. Roy

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        Dianne Tuck on

        Government needs to curb its own spending. Starting with the expense and travel benefits. What’s wrong with meetings in their offices vs expensive hotels and resorts? Why do so many government officials at various levels have to take trips to China, Europe, etc? Enough with the ‘grants’ and other dollar give aways for projects that do not have a financial benefit for supporting themselves. My family if ready for a tax revolt!

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    chris burbeau on

    i would like to join in on this tax revolt. i am tired of being fleeced by all levels of government

  2. reach 100! hell people I am sitting at number 11! ahhh work to do, so post a copy of the the link to friends and follow up with two calls to make sure they get on board!
    now would be good, it is sunday morning…

  3. i am responding at 2 in the morning after working two eight hour shifts, plus travel, one for just over our pualtrey BC minimum wage to support another job at $22 an hour. this is to enable me to raise a kid under 7 on a single parents income in this city.
    ask your friends, maybe they know of more like myself and should consider the mums and dads at daycare on their emails in support of this…

  4. We need a tax revolt. I have become so distrustful of government. They need to be more respectful of Canadians and regain the trust of Canadians. They are greedy for money and power and many have little empathy for the people they serve. I get angry when I hear that people are collecting drink tabs to get a new wheelchair for a handicapped child. These kids should not have to wait for special equipment. Government needs to get their spending under control, so they have money for basic needs of Canadians.

  5. It’s about time we do something. I’m tired of having individual groups bearing the brunt of taxes. We are all responsible. Lets find a new way!!!

  6. Hey how about instead of giving away our natural resources, the Gove. create a programe to create secondary manufacturing in this country. We can automate. stop sending tres to china to come back as flooring. we can dio it here.

  7. You see what is happening around the world . Government spending is out of control . We are being warned about personal spending yet the Government is the worst offender . Forget the new taxes .That is more money for the Government to spend . We are already overtaxed and the Ontario Gov’t is already planning the next tax grab . We need to wake up before it is to late .. You can work hard ,save all your life and make the right moves. The Gov’t can totally take it all away from you . Wake up folks !! Even the Federal Gov’t has passed bail in legislation .. why the need for that in Canada you say ?? They are coming for your money ….

  8. The various levels of government in Canada have set the stage for the final fall of Canada into a 3rd world country, complete with a Greece style financial meltdown, a 50 cent dollar, poverty, freezing to death on the streets and starvation. There is no hope in stopping it, as all self serving politicians know that by simply lining the pockets of public sector employees will guarantee them a win in the polls, with their absolute union power control of the media during elections. Not one of these politicians care about where their money comes from, or the debt they create, or the private sector they rob to line their pockets and other public sector leeches.

  9. Oh Brother am I in !! I am so fed up with gov’t in general. Insane spending , approval of utility increases that benefit big business , cuts to our social systems , punative regulations to enterpreneurs , ridiculous immigration laws , and on and on. Governments at ALL levels need to get the message that they are NOT elected to feed at the trough of hard working Canadians and disregard the notion they be held accountable for their actions and policies. We , as hard working Canadians , deserve far better treatment and more accountable elected representatives. Sign me up , count me in and let the fight begin !! We need to take Canada back !!

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