Tax Revolt

During our regular Saturday segments Catherine Swift, Chair of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, Linda Leatherdale, independent business journalist at and I have consistently faced the same complaint and challenge raised by callers as well listeners who sent emails to (

The issue? Unfairly and unreasonably high taxes, coupled with potentially entrepreneurial spirit and initiative crushing bureaucratic fees and regulations.

This hasn’t been occasional chatter from unhappy complainers. What we have heard and read is a stream of strong and determined opposition to heavy-handed, big government virtual looting (a caller’s term supported by others) of hard won profits, particularly from small and medium sized businesses.

Frustration over onerously high taxation and fees hasn’t been voiced by only the business community. Working Canadians from all five provinces where my show is heard (Ontario – British Columbia), have challenged the unfairness of current income (federal and provincial) and consumption taxes.

More than a few callers and emailers have responded to cautions from the Governor of the Bank of Canada, as well as federal Minister of Finance about Canadians assuming record personal debt by suggesting high debt loads are at least partly the result of discretionary spending choking tax rates.

Linda, Catherine and I committed to starting a Tax Revolt which we’ll begin to roll out this coming Saturday in the third hour of the show.

We will provide Canadians the opportunity to deliver their message of tax discontent to politicians federal and provincial (and municipal when and where needed).

If you operate a small or medium sized business and feel choked by taxation, fees and regulations, if you’re a taxpayer feeling punished by current high rates of income and consumption taxes, do you agree it is absolutely essential governments receive an unequivocal message concerning taxation levels and more than that? A direct message challenging government spending of the money we earn and they acquire?

Whether in power, or sitting in opposition, the message Catherine, Linda and I have heard again and again is one of frustration directed toward tax and spend politicians. We have heard from business owners who operate in the tax avoidance, cash and barter only underground economy. Some because they told us it’s the only assured way their businesses will survive. Others have shared that to refuse “cash only” deals is to be refused business.

When we first floated the idea of a tax revolt on air the reaction from callers and listeners was “when”?

Listen and participate Saturday. Hour three! Post your thoughts on the need for a tax revolt right here on this blog, right now. Just follow the instructions on this page.

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