Talk about Donald Trump now POTUS and hear Kevin O’Leary’s interview with me yesterday. The man who wants to be your next PM and who many are saying is Canada’s version of Donald Trump

Yesterday, just before the inauguration of Donald Trump I recorded a 3 part interview with the most recent entrant into the leadership race for the Conservative Party of Canada, Kevin O’Leary.  You’ll hear parts 1&2 today and parts 1-3 tomorrow with time for call-in.  Is Kevin O’Leary your choice for next Canadian PM. There would be zero carbon taxes under KO.

Donald Trump POTUS.  Many voices on the left shouting his inauguration speech should have contained olive branches for the Democrats and those who revile the new U.S. president.  Me?  I think his speech was exactly what it should have been.  It’s a continuation of his election campaign and recommitting to the promises he made to Americans who elected him president.  We’ll take your calls on this.

Joining me from while she participates in and reports on The Women’s March in Washington will be Hamilton writer, reporter, Anne Bokma. Also, Jeff Scrima, former U.S. city Mayor and supporter of Donald Trump from Day 1 of the Trump campaign. Jeff had front row seats for the inauguration.

Tony Heller publishes the website  His opponents call him a ‘denier.’  Tony walked much of the ‘action’ area of Washington yesterday and will share with us what he saw from the inauguration to the rioting.  And since the White House website no longer has a climate change page (taken down yesterday) we’ll hear from Tony Heller on that development.

Catherine Swift, Linda Leatherdale and former Liberal MP and Justin Trudeau seatmate Michelle Wilson will share their unique perspectives on the Donald Trump presidency on Beauties and the Beast.

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