Some of what’s on today’s show. (Sunday, March 3)

I’ll be speaking with Lynne MacIntyre who is heavily engaged in tackling the bullying issue in Ontario. Lynne has been on the program before. It was her then 14 year old son who wrote about his life of being bullied in the amazingly eloquent “I Am Just A Boy” piece Lynne read on air and which I posted on this site.
Now Lynne’s daughter, playing in a girl’s house league hockey game, lined up for the post-game handshake and told her mother she was punched in the stomach by an opposing team’s player. I’ve seen the video (it’s now on YouTube) and Lynne’s daughter does double up during the handshake skate.
Joshua Stern will join us as well. Joshua is doing excellent work with ‘at risk’ youth ( with The Josh Project. He knows what he’s talking about having been bullied, then becoming a bully and having difficulty with the law in his youth. Today youth court judges send convicted bullies to Josh’s anti-bullying workshops.
That will bring us to the question of whether initiatives like Pink Shirt Day really make a significant impact on bullying. I applaud the effort, but what’s the real impact?
I’ll also read an email from Walter, the father who was criminally charged when he physically pushed a teenage bully away from his son in the family driveway. Walter and his son Alex have been on the show in the past, but things are difficult for the family now and Walter doesn’t feel he can join us personally.

Much said and written about child porn this week after the remarks made by U of Calgary professor Tom Flanagan. I’m going to play back the interview I did with a Canadian prison psychologist about how pedophiles are treated in prison (psychological treatment). It includes showing them actual child porn. So they’re revictimizing the child a second time! It’s an approved medical technique apparently, but turns my stomach.

Much anger and discussion in B.C. over the Clark government’s planned initiative to target ethnic groups for votes and support by identifying past perceived and real wrongs in Canada and apologizing for those wrongs. Former Canadian Ambassador Martin Collacott, also spokesperson for the Centre for Immigration Policy Reform joins me. The Ambassador questions the value and motives surrounding such apologies. I have to agree. Pierre Trudeau, the architect of multiculturalism, refused to endorse official apologies. Canada is a great nation with protection for its citizens, immigrants and refugee claimants. Yes, things were done inappropriately in the past, but have a listen to Ambassador Collacott’s views and explanations.

Rolling stops at intersections. Great idea…! Except for large trucks and in heavily populated urban areas. The B.C. Cycling Coalition is calling for legalizing rolling stops for bicycles. I’ll go one further and call for rolling stops for cars, motorcycles and pickup trucks (again outside heavily populated areas). It happens all the time anyway and depending on where you live in Canada, you’re probably seeing the construction of increased numbers of roundabouts where intersections once delayed traffic. The roundabouts feature “yied” signs only.

Chris Bumbray is our go-to film critic from and Chris was disappointed in the Oscars and on different levels. He’ll explain, talk about the new flicks and why Hollywood blew it as far as Andy Griffith is concerned.

Oh….and direct democracy. At work and doing well in Switzerland. Catherine Swift and Linda Leatherdale make a Sunday appearance.

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