Some of what’s on today’s show (Saturday, May 10)

As I posted yesterday, I’ll be speaking with Michele Wolowidnyk, wife of Canadian military Master Corporal Kristian Wolowidnyk who is being fast-tracked out of the Canadian forces as the military brass breaks its commitment to the Master Corporal not to do so, this following public anger when Kristian Wolowidnyk’s story went national after the 29 year old Afghanistan mission combat veteran attempted suicide while attempting to cope with PTSD and not wanting to leave the life he loved. The life of a soldier.
I posted some additional thoughts on the show’s Facebook page, including that former Defence Minister Peter MacKay said in parliament “we are assured by the military that every effort is being made to respect his (Kristian Wolowidnyk) wishes and those of his family.”  Really?  Mr. Mackay, really?
Perhaps after I speak with Michele Wolowidnyk you may wish to speak directly with the Master Corporal’s family, Minister?
And what is gained by fast-tracking this brave fighting soldier out of the Canadian military before he has accumulated 10 years of service, other than disqualifying him from applying for an unrestricted pension?
Oh, yes, pensions.
Speaking of pensions, should we bring up the member of parliament pensions?  Should we speak about qualifying after six years, or two election victories?
Should we?

We’ll get into the issue of Justin Trudeau demanding all Liberal candidates in next year’s federal election support pro-choice issues on abortion.  Since there are no abortion laws in Canada, that would include abortion for the sake of gender selection, wouldn’t it?  I’ll speak with Kelly McParland of the National Post, with Natalie Sonnen, executive director of LifeCanada, an organization which conducted a national poll on the issue of laws and abortion and former Liberal MP Michelle Simson will share her thoughts on Mr. Trudeau’s foray into deciding what his MPs views should be on the issue.

There’s much more, including our Saturday Beauties and the Beast segment with Catherine Swift and Linda Leatherdale.