Some of what you’ll hear on today’s show, Sunday, Jan 8, ’17

A friend of mine received notification in Ontario that her electricity would be cut off on December 24, if ….. and I’ll read her email to me describing the situation, as well as the notification she received from Burlington Hydro.

We’ll follow up on our carbon taxes discussion.  Huge input yesterday and not one caller (and we didn’t screen for what would be said) supports carbon taxes, including cap and trade, as a ‘save the planet from climate change’ initiative.  Redistribution of wealth as the motivator for carbon taxes was the unanimous point of view.

More than 4,000 people were shot in Chicago last year and 795 people lost their lives.  I’ll be speaking with the Chicago physician who founded ‘Cure Violence’ and who treats gun violence as a public health issue. The program has gone international, including in Canada has is described as one of the top 20 NGO’s in the world.  Will it reduce gun violence in Chicago and elsewhere…and do you have a personal experience with violence?

Megyn Kelly’s move from Fox News to NBC and her turning down a $20 million per year contract extension from FNN.  Mass media studies professor Paul Levinson joins us to speak to the money being paid media stars in the U.S., as well as the view expressed that MSM has lost much credibility during and since the election of Donald Trump as POTUS. Biased reporting, or false news reporting are cited.  Professor Levinson’s latest book Is about false news.  We’ll include your calls.

and the Golden Globes on Global Television beginning at 6pm this evening with the Red Carpet.  We hope to be able to arrange for ET Canada co-host Rick Campanelli to join us with a preview of tonight’s film/television awards night.

Lots to talk about and call in with your views.