From Trump vs Clinton, to energy pricing soaring and causing alarm

The silhouette of the evening electricity transmission pylon

The silhouette of the evening electricity transmission pylon

Concerns about electricity pricing, particularly in Ontario?  Progressive Conservative Party leader Patrick Brown Saturday.

Sunday you’ll hear a guest who deals with the issue on the frontlines of community assistance. Suspect this will shake you!

Should it matter how little Canadians know about things utterly Canadian?  Probably not.  After all, …. and for the rest of that story, listen to and then call in to Saturday’s show.

World Series baseball.  Our good friend and analyst Mark Yost who writes on the biz of sport for the Wall Street Journal and is author of great books on the biz of sport (check will join us.

There was a term Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall used last weekend which caught my attention. We’ll play it back for you and take your calls.

and…as far as the U.S. election is concerned, something a little different, which may involve you directly.

some of what’s coming your way this weekend.

Hope you’ll join us.



Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall this weekend with his challenge to PM Trudeau. The second anniversary of the murder of Cpl Nathan Cirillo, standing ceremonial guard at the National War Memorial

See you in the court of public opinion, or the courts of the nation. Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall stands up to and challenges Justin Trudeau’s carbon pricing (tax).
Take note: Australia repealed its carbon tax in 2014 as damaging to Australian families and business.

Former Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Honourary Colonel Ron Foxcroft will join me to remember Cpl Nathan Cirillo, murdered two years ago this Saturday (October 22), as Cpl Cirillo stood ceremonial guard at the National War Memorial.  Two days earlier Warrant officer Patrice Vincent was also murdered in Quebec.  These were terror attacks.

Last weekend I read a post by listener Trish which she began with “Hello Roy, I guess I’m a deplorable racist.”  The response from callers was tremendous and very thoughtful. Trish joins me on Saturday’s show to speak to that posting and to hear what you have to say

Ontario’s electricity pricing scheme is a fiscal disaster which is completely unnecessary. And it’s architect, Premier Wynne, accuses the people of Ontario of being “really bad actors” on producing greenhouse gasses.  I’ll be joined by University of Guelph economist Ross McKitrick who has written great columns on the electricity mess created by the current Ontario government.  The provincial auditor general also added up the costs and they came to $37 billion unnecessarily spent and loaded onto the province’s taxpayers backs.

We’ll look at the first year of Justin Trudeau’s governance on Beauties and the Beast with Catherine Swift, Linda Leatherdale and Michelle Simson.

Sunday, I’ll speak with a first-time U.S. voter and her mother.  How does a first time voter approach this election with the choices being Trump or Clinton and everything that has taken place and everything that has been shouted ringing in her ears?

I’ll read you a column I wrote for the Bay Observer newspaper in Hamilton-Burlington, Ontario about the U.S. election.  I hope you’ll find it interesting and entertaining and we’ll talk about who will win on November 8. We’re just days away.

Famed Los Angeles lawyer and Democratic Party Convention delegate supporting Hillary Clinton, Gloria Allred will be on the show to speak about the women Ms. Allred has introduced publicly and who accuse Donald Trump of being a sexual predator.

Lots of calls from you ..and lots of strong opinions.

Join us, please.

Vector illustration of a variety of American political buttons.  Illustration uses radial gradients and transparencies. Both .ai and AI10-compatible .eps formats are included, along with a high-res .jpg, and a high-res .png with transparent background.

Vector illustration of a variety of American political buttons. Illustration uses radial gradients and transparencies. Both .ai and AI10-compatible .eps formats are included, along with a high-res .jpg, and a high-res .png with transparent background.


Today’s show…October 16

After the scandal loaded week Donald still trails Hillary Clinton by just four points in an ABC News poll. Do not count out Donald Trump receiving a congratulatory call from Barack Obama on the night of November 8.  And this coming week whatever the Clinton campaign may have been holding in reserve about Trump will be unloaded, just before Wednesday’s third debate, I suspect.

Today we’ll speak with former Black Panther Party member C. Mason Williams.  Mr. Williams is a national consultant, author and conference keynote speaker, among other entrepreneurial endeavours.  There was a time he so hated whites that, the story goes, he ended a relationship with a woman because she had a white dog.  Today, Mr. Williams is a GOP and Donald Trump supporter who says of Mr. Obama “he hates America.”  and asks “what happened to you white folks? Where are the Vikings. You guys are cowards.”

Collin Kennedy of Winnipeg has a national petition drive underway for parliament (E-492) to end parking fees for hospital patients and their caregivers.  Mr. Kennedy has been living with cancer for almost 20 years and he and his mother have paid large sums of money for hospital parking. The petition is gaining real traction.  Collin Kennedy will be joining me.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has apologized to San Francisco 49’ers QB Colin Kaepernick for challenging CK’s refusal to stand for the playing of the national anthem.  It’s spreading across the United States with high school teams and even an anthem singer at a game taking a knee.  Mark Yost joins me today, writes on the biz of sport for the Wall Street Journal and is author of many sports biz books (check him out on  Mark’s son became a U.S. Marine last week. I have some thoughts on Colin Kaepernick’s protest as well.

and Karen is a Canadian woman with two Masters degrees.  She continues to support Donald Trump as she has since the primaries and shared email views with me over that period.  Karen will join me.  Also Marilyn a U.S. voter living in Toronto who was on air last week as a Trump supporter remains in Trump’s camp.  Marilyn emailed why.

Join us for this and more today…


2016 Election License Plate

2016 Election License Plate