RCMP settlement. Finally for the women who have for years spoken of sexual and other harassment, assault and bullying

On Saturday’s program Catherine Galliford, who was the voice of the RCMP for media in Canada before sharing how she was a victim of sexual and other harassment on the job will join me, as will Sherry Benson Podalchuk, author of Women Not Wanted.  Sherry was subjected to terrible bullying and sexual harassment.  I first spoke with Sherry perhaps five years ago and subsequently with Catherine.

There may be other former RCMP members joining me on air.  That’s going to be the 3pm ED/1pm MT and Sask Time hour.

Mayor Hector MacMillan’s IRE pancreatic cancer surgery is complete. I spoke with the Mayor who is in his German hospital room and sounds quite strong and very determined.  The Mayor will also join me in Hour 2 on Saturday.

It’s going to be a weekend of strong views and opinions.  Hope you’ll join us.

Immigration. Canada’s Liberals say ‘more’, the Swiss people instruct their government to ‘stop’. Just some of what’s on today’s pgm

Today (Sat), what’s the justification for Canada’s highest annual immigration numbers in more than 30 years?  Not federal immigration Minister John McCallum’s explanation.  The justification. Ambassador Martin Collacott will share why he believes the number cannot be defended.
The Swiss people are clearly not willing to accept what their federal government wishes them to accept. Are they racists or are they realists?  The Swiss people have the constitutional right to overrule their federal government several times year. Luzi Stamm is the VP of the Swiss People’s Party. He rejoins us after the Swiss again supported an initiative of Mr. Stamm’s party.
I’ll open the phone lines to you as well.

The BC government and the Cambie Medical Clinic in Vancouver are challenging each other before the Supreme Court of British Columbia.  Dr. Brian Day, medical director at Cambie joins me today.  He wants British Columbians to have the same rights as Quebeckers (SCC decision in ’06) to purchase private health insurance, as well as access private and public health care for core medical services.  I’m with Dr. Day.  However the BC Supreme Court decides, this case will go before the SCC and eventually that court will rule for the rest of the country.

The debate.  Donald Trump lost on Monday.  That’s not fatal to his bid for POTUS, but it didn’t help. Fran Coombs, managing editor for Rasmussen Reports (nat polling firm in U.S.) joins us to review the numbers and the impact. There are about 1 million U.S. voters living in Canada.

and a great email from listener Carl in Calgary.  We’re going to break down the points Carl makes and turn them over to Catherine Swift, Linda Leatherdale and Michelle Simson on Beauties and the Beast today. Covers everything from punitive and clear-thinking challenged political initiatives to global warming (I know…it’s now called climate change).

Tomorrow, we’ll start the show with Bernard the Roughneck, as he’s known to Canadians from coast to coast.  Bernard addressed parliament on behalf of his fellow oil sands workers in Alberta. I spoke at length with Bernard Hopkins off air earlier in the week and he’s a thoughtful individual with much to say.  I know, some of my media contemporaries don’t think so … but, I wasn’t asking them.  I’ll also share with you the words of Denis Coderre about the Energy East pipeline. Easily picked apart.  And then there’s the issue of why Mr. Coderre is fine with Saudi oil moving up the St. Lawrence river on tankers, but not fine with Canadian oil in pipelines.  Great column I’m going to quote from on that issue.  That one’s just part of tomorrow’s show.

Mr. Coderre was once a radio talk show host.  He, for whatever reason, doesn’t have the ‘je ne sais quoi’ to appear on my program any longer. Tossed in the towel, Mr. Mayor?


Trump vs Clinton / Clinton vs Trump

Just after 6:30pm ET as I write this.  The countdown is really into minutes now as the fist encounter between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is set to launch. I won’t call it a debate (yet), because this first of the scheduled three face-to-face appeals for the support of America’s voters will I think have to include some serious housecleaning. So much has been issued in the way of insult and invective between the principals and their surrogates that we somehow must address “deplorables” and “crooked Hillary.”

I’m not expecting a great deal of shouting, but I am looking for a test of stamina to develop.

Both Trump and Clinton are shaking hands with their 70th years and while that’s not necessarily an energy-sapping fact, 90 minutes on your feet, in front of TV lights, a live audience, the knowledge more than 100 million of your compatriots are watching and analysing your every word, will be draining.

If I were Trump or Clinton I’d divide this 90 minutes into three 30 minute segments. Start strong, maintain in the middle and ke

2016 US presidential elections map concept isolated on white background

2016 US presidential elections map concept isolated on white background

ep enough in reserve to be sharp into and during the final third.

This will be fascinating theatre.  It won’t win the election for either of them (unless there’s a certifiable disaster moment), but tonight has the potential to turn the remaining weeks leading to November 8 (including two more POTUS debates) into a mad reactive scramble.

So get ready .. let’s watch because, all theatre aside, this is important, for each of us.

Remember, you may listen to the entire debate online on your favourite Corus radio station site.