on the show this weekend (July 9/10)

working on a segment on the increasing danger of riding a bicycle and competing with cars/trucks for a little bit of space on the road.  I both drive and ride and yes, cyclists can be a pain in the seat … but by far the most are just folks out for a ride or using their bikes for commuting.  What’s up with the increasing worries about getting home alive, or without a stopover at the local infirmary?  We’ll talk.

Hillary Clinton’s pass from the FBI Director.  There’s so much wrong with this it should be like fingernails scraping a blackboard. We’ll cover this one.

What’s going on with political leaders quitting or attempts to heave them over the side (metaphorically), post Brexit?

A mom’s desperate battle to have her Canadian kids returned ….

and police shootings in the U.S.

some of what we’re working on for this weekend’s shows.