Four of the former RCMP officers who led the charge against sexual harassment/assault join me on Saturday’s show.

I’ll be speaking with former RCMP officers Janet Merlo (one of the women who began the class action lawsuit against the RCMP for sexual harassment/assault and bullying and author of, No one to tell: Breaking my Silence on Life in the RCMP.), Krista Carle, also on the forefront of the class action suit, Catherine Galliford who was the voice and face of the RCMP during the Robert Pickford trial and who reached an out-of-court settlement with the force, and Sherry Benson-Podalchuk, author of, Women Not Wanted, who also reached an out-of-court settlement.

Ontario Mayor Hector MacMillan will be with us from Germany where the IRE Nanoknife surgery for his pancreatic cancer was completed on Thursday. The surgery denied the Mayor by the Ontario government and its health bureaucracy (OHIP).

Electricity cost for homeowners, in fact everyone in Ontario are spiralling upward and says economics Professor Ross McKitrick, University of Guelph, in a Financial Post column there is, under the scheme of the Kathleen Wynne Liberal government no way to slow this down, even though, writes Professor McKitrick the producing of electricity has never been cheaper.  And Northern Ireland Finance and Environment Minister Sammy Wilson will tell us that Cap and Trade (favoured by Justin Trudeau and put in place by Wynne and Couillard in Quebec) causes economic disaster.

My friend Mark Yost, who writes on the business of sport for the Wall Street Journal and is the author of many great books on the business ($$$$) of sport (check out Mark on will with me address the issue of increasing numbers of pro athletes deciding to protest the US national anthem.  They say that’s not what they’re doing.  We’ll talk about that.  Mark’s son George on Friday graduated from basic training as a Private First Class in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Marilyn is an American citizen living in Canada, who emailed she intends to vote for Donald Trump on November 8.  Marilyn will join us and explain why she chose Trump. Her options, she wrote, were between “a bully and evil.”  Will the Trump video circulating today affect Marilyn’s voting decision?

I’ll speak with Alison Azer who declared she was “disrespected” by federal Minister for Global Affairs Stephane Dion in parliament on Thursday on the issue of getting her Canadian children back from Iran, where they are being held illegally by their father. See www.findazerkidsnow.

Stacy and Kevin are residents of Fort McMurray and they have been on air with me since the wildfire this summer forced the evacuation of the city.  Stacy and Kevin have always been upbeat and positive.  Well, their reality is different. They shared that with me and will share with all of us Sunday. They are not doing well and help they should be receiving is either slow to arrive, or being denied.

Three times criminally charged, three times found “not criminally responsible” (NCR), now this individual is charged a fourth time …and NCR?  Listen to Scott Newark, former Alberta crown attorney and former executive director of the Canadian Police Association share this story and more.

Just ‘some’ of what’s on the show this weekend.  Join us.