A Trump and Trudeau weekend, as well as Ontarians and Albertans hurt by their provincial government carbon tax and climate regulations and laws

The twin-T’s dominating headlines this week.  Donald Trump with his news conference during which the president-elect refused a question from CNN, accusing the network of being the deliverers of “fake news.”  This following Buzzfeed’s printing of a two page supposed addendum to a document on intelligence about the Russian hacking of the DNC during last year’s federal election campaign.  The two page report was unsubstantiated, not verified and the author was (initially) anonymous.

The Senate confirmation hearings of Trump administration cabinet members also generated headlines with Florida GOP senator Marco Rubio somehow thinking he should call out Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson and demand of Tillerson that he declare Vladimir Putin to be a “war criminal.”

Tillerson did not take the bait and if you give it a few seconds thought, why would he?  What kind of working relationship might exist with the Kremlin out of the gate for the Trump administration if the Secretary of State declares the Russian president to be a “war criminal?”

Justin Trudeau claimed the headlines again as the Canadian PM somehow couldn’t or wouldn’t deduce for himself that a vacation on a private Bahamian island with the Aga Khan, who is lobbying the federal government for many millions of dollars to support his charitable Foundation, is ethically challenged.  That Trudeau would then consent to use the Aga Khan’s private helicopter to ferry him about is another ethical standards parliamentary breach.  Since the president of the federal Liberal Party was present, as was Liberal MP Seamus O’Regan, it appears the Liberals are either ignorant of ethical requirements, or, and perhaps more likely, indifferent.  I’ll be speaking with you about this situation and with Trudeau’s former parliamentary seatmate.

What is the most prudent and effective manner to deal with the terror threat to so-called ‘soft targets’?  Shopping centres, sidewalks filled with people and even airport baggage collection areas.  Lt. Colonel (ret’d) Steve Day will join me Saturday.  Colonel Day is the former Commanding Officer of Canada’s elite national counter terrorism and special forces military unit Joint Taskforce Two (JTF2).

and last weekend two callers concerns resulted in a great deal of feedback.  From Ontario a mother of two afraid she will be evicted from her home because she is having great difficulty paying the hugely increased electricity costs directly traceable to Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s policies concerning the sale of Hydro One and Wynne’s climate change positions.  And from Alberta a man recovering from a heart attack and living on $895 per month in an RV was extremely worried and suffering chest pains because he doesn’t know how to pay for propane to heat the RV in minus -35 temperature.  Premier Rachel Notley’s provincial carbon tax has added $20 to the cost of a bottle of propane.  That’s $20 our caller did not have.
I’ll play back both calls and then we’ll open the phone lines to others in Ontario and Alberta who have been hit hard by electricity increases and/or other carbon tax related laws these two provincial governments have unloaded on the people of Alberta and Ontario.

Just some of what’s on this weekend.  We’ll be opening the phone lines for most of our segments.